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Oshkosh Truck Parts For Sale

We stock a large inventory of remanufactured, salvaged and used Oshkosh Truck Parts! Whether you want to purchase the Oshkosh Truck Parts for export, import or repair, our nationwide network of heavy truck yards can help you find the right truck Truck Parts. We have severed thousands of truckers and trucking companies around the globe with our high quality refurbished diesel parts.

We have been in the salvage and trucking business for over 50 years now and have perfected what we do. Buy your Oshkosh Truck Parts with us and enjoy the best experience, great warranty and finest customer service. We take care of our customers before and after the purchase - We stand behind the quality of the Oshkosh Truck Parts that we sell!

We Ship Wolrdwide 


The history of Oshkosh Corporation started out with the creation of a heavy-duty 4-wheel truck in 1917. This first creation of heavy-duty truck paved the way to the creation of other heavy-duty trucks that made Oshkosh Corporation a success. The company used to be named as Oshkosh Truck in 1918 when they moved to Oshkosh, Wisconsin. After several company developments, the company finally decided to be known as Oshkosh Corporation and is operating in nine countries with over 12,000 employees. The strength of Oshkosh as a heavy-duty truck manufacturer focuses on its four basic units that are in charge in the making of their top-of-the-line products. The units and products they manufacture include the following:

  • Access equipment. These equipments include scissor lifts, vertical personnel lifts, L trailers, and other vehicles used for various engineering purposes.
  • Defense. They make heavy equipment transporter, logistics vehicle system, homeland security command vehicle, packhorse trailer system, heavy expanded mobility tactical truck, and other trucks used for defense and military operations.
  • Fire and emergency. This includes custom ambulances, fire trucks, wreckers, carriers, snow plowing and removal, aircraft rescue, mobile medical, trucks for wild area applications, and other search and rescue specialty trucks.
  • Commercial. This includes loaders, mixers, engineering or mechanic trucks, cranes, air compressors, compactors, and other trucks with heavy duty and commercial applications.
Oshkosh has made its name in delivering stable heavy-duty trucks for hard applications and is known globally due to its various worldwide manufacturing and service locations. At present, they have manufacturing operations in 11 countries and 16 service operations in different countries. Their products are sold in 130 countries and maintain a global network for service delivery and product availability.

Oshkosh Truck Diesel Engine

Oshkosh heavy equipments and trucks is a favorite not just for military and defense operations but also for commercial and construction applications. If you are managing a construction firm or maintaining a business that needs heavy-duty trucks, chances are you have an Oshkosh truck operating for your business deals. Since Oshkosh trucks use diesel engines, understandably, you will need a service once in a while for its maintenance or even replacement. To get a reliable Oshkosh truck diesel engine, you should get your replacement from an Original Equipment Manufacturer or OEM. But if you can't get in touch with the OEM, we at TruckParts.org have a long list of OEM Oshkosh truck diesel engine parts to provide your every Oshkosh needs. With an OEM you can get a diesel engine from the makers of your original Oshkosh heavy-duty trucks at a wholesale price. If it sounds too good to be true, then you should experience what we at TruckParts.org can do for you.

Oshkosh Truck Transmission

Just like any other heavy-duty trucks, the transmission system of an Oshkosh truck is intricate and needs experts for its maintenance and part replacements. The truck transmission is very important. Without a functional transmission, it would be impossible for your truck to render services and its intended applications. To ensure continuous high quality performance, entrust your transmission replacement, adjustments, and checkups to our experts here at TruckParts.org. We at TruckParts.org have several accredited service centers that are strategically located all over the U.S. for your every truck transmission needs. Our service centers are not just available for you all the time. We also guarantee exemplary workmanship from our highly trained truck and automobile repairmen. We also offer a one-year standard warranty to the workmanship of every truck transmission replacement conducted by any of our crew and truck experts.

Oshkosh Truck Rear Axle/Differential

There are different ways to save while shopping for your Oshkosh truck rear axle or differential needs here at TruckParts.org. First, you get your entire truck rear axle at a wholesale price so you automatically save up to 80 percent compared to items purchased from other companies. Wholesale price is much lower than that of a dealer price. The more items you buy through us here at TruckParts.org, the more savings you get. With the standard warranty we offer to every item purchased here at TruckParts.org, you can be sure that you have not just saved money but you are also assured that you can approach us here at TruckParts.org anytime should there be a problem with the item. But because we have a high success rate for our products, there is a high possibility that you won't have to use your warranty at all because the products that we deal only comes from qualified and reliable sources.

Oshkosh Truck Suspension and Shocks

Oshkosh trucks are made for heavy duty and demanding applications. It is made for rough terrains and harsh environments so every truck made by Oshkosh should have a stable truck suspension and shocks to keep a comfortable ride amidst ground difficulties. If your truck suspension fails, you can right away contact us here at TruckParts.org and expect fast delivery of your item. The truck suspension you ordered from us at TruckParts.org will reach you within 3 to 5 business days. Wherever you are in the U.S., you are guaranteed discounted delivery.

Oshkosh Truck Fuel Tank

Apart from the several advantages that you can get if you would entrust your Oshkosh truck fuel tank replacement from us here at TruckParts.org is that you can be sure that all the items we deal and supply for you are guaranteed ISO9002 certified or have met international standards for quality control. All items and truck parts provided by our suppliers meet or even exceed the OEM specification so you can be sure that the item you received will never fail you. If you are concerned about the price, we at TruckParts.org do not only guarantee quality products. We can also assure you that we provide items at the lowest price in the market. Check us out at TruckParts.org now for price comparison.

Oshkosh Truck Wheels and Tires

There is nothing like getting warranties for the products you purchase. It gives you an assurance that you will have something to fall back on should there be a problem with the item but nothing beats a lifetime warranty offered by us here at TruckParts.org for your Oshkosh truck wheels, rims, and hubcaps. Everything you purchase through us here at TruckParts.org comes with a standard one-year warranty. But for the wheels and hubcaps, they come with an astounding lifetime warranty. Now how's that for savings and client satisfaction? All wheels provided by us here at TruckParts.org are remanufactured and comes from EOM so you can be sure that the wheels will fit perfectly on your truck and you can resume doing business with your Oshkosh truck in no time at all.

Oshkosh Truck Engine Parts

You need to make sure that you would be using the right truck engine parts for your Oshkosh heavy-duty trucks. To do that, get your supplies from us here at TruckParts.org that guarantees top quality products at unbeatable price. We live up to our unbeatable price guarantee by offering wholesale price on all our truck engine parts. To prove this, you can just check your needed Oshkosh truck engine parts from other online shops and note the prices. Send the quotation to us here at TruckParts.org and we will do everything in our capacity to offer your needed truck engine parts at a lower price. Our effort here at TruckParts.org is in connection to our continuous effort to deliver quality service at a very affordable price.

Oshkosh Truck Body Parts

For somebody who doesn't have much information about the different Oshkosh truck body parts, buying your needed Oshkosh truck body parts here at TruckParts.org would give you much relief and convenience because we have available customer service representatives that you can call via our toll free numbers during office hours from Monday till Saturday. Our TruckParts.org service representatives are willing to attend to all your body parts need with regards to your Oshkosh truck. We also have a website that is user-friendly and highly navigable even for those who are not experts on computers. Our website could also assist you in locating the specific Oshkosh truck body part that you need through our easy access windows and links. We at TruckParts.org guarantee not just quality products but technical assistance to make your shopping here at TruckParts.org a convenient and an enjoyable one.

Oshkosh Truck Parts Inventory Sample

Save Money

Save Money We constantly shop the streets to make sure for the level of service we offer, that our Truck Parts prices are the lowest. If you find something we've missed, we'd like to know about it, and match that price. If some one gives you the same 100-day warranty, condition, quality, shipping, and OEM Manufacturer, we'll be happy to match that price. Our prices are unbeatable. Save up to 80% used or remanufactured Oshkosh Truck Parts!

Exclusive Warranty

Best Warranty Our warranty on used a Oshkosh Truck Parts is absolutely the best one in the trucking industry. We offer an exclusive 100-day full refund or exchange on any defective Truck Parts we ship out (very rare). Our Oshkosh parts pricing is the lowest anywhere and our warranty cannot be beat. You can shop with confidence from us, knowing that you have the best quality Truck Parts with the best warranty protection and best customer service!

Shipping Worldwide

We Ship Worldwide We maintain a large inventory of remanufactured, refurbished and used Oshkosh Truck Parts at multiple locations across the country. Our facilities packed to the rafters with truck and diesel parts. Over 90% of our Oshkosh Truck Parts catalog is ready for immediate ship. Due to the total quantity of Oshkosh truck parts shipped on a daily basis, we have been able to negotiate deep discount rates with some of the best carriers including international shippers. No mark up is added to these discounted rates insuring the lowest possible price to the customer. Moreover, we have the knowledge, experience and the resources shipping large Oshkosh diesel engines and parts to any international destination (South America, Africa, Brazil, Europe, Middle East, etc.) cost effectively.