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What Is a Spoke/Dayton Wheel?

Wire spoke/Dayton wheel is a type of wheel where there are a number of rods or wire radiating from the center of a wheel and connects the hub with the round traction surface. These wires or rods are generally stiff compared to a normal wire rope and functions mechanically just like tension flexible wires. It keeps the rim firm while supporting applied loads. Dayton wheels were originally made in Ohio in 1916 and were developed by automotive engineers over 90 years.

The term spoke wheels originally referred to portions of logs that were split into four or six section to come up with radial members of a wagon wheel. There are two types of spokes, the compression and tension spokes but tension spokes are commonly used to support automotive and other wheeled materials such as wheelchairs and bicycles since they are made of adjustable, lighter metal wires called wheel wires.

The spoke/Dayton wheels have gone a long way in terms of development and variation. The spoke wheels before were made out of 6 to 12 split logs and attached to wooden wheels. Now spoke/Dayton wheels are already made of sturdy and light materials for greater strength and flexibility. What used to be 6 to 12 spokes has become over 100 small spokes or more.

Spoke/Dayton Wheel
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Spoke/Dayton Wire Wheel Features

Some of the significant features of Dayton wire wheels are the following:

  • Spoke/Dayton wheels are designed to be free of maintenance, which means that these wheels do not require retightening.
  • Spoke/Dayton wheels are made out of combined materials and assembly techniques such as stainless steel spoke which are resistant to rust.
  • Spoke/Dayton wheels are twice stronger than stamped steel and offers advanced wheel performance.
  • Spoke/Dayton wheels are designed to resist corrosion and are built for longer lasting durability.
  • Spoke/Dayton wheels are tubeless and are made to be free from leaks.

Advantages of Using Spoke/Dayton Wheels on Your Vehicle

Using spoke/Dayton wheels on your vehicle provides several advantages. For one, when the spokes get bent due to accidents or the normal daily wear, it can be fixed and the damaged spoke can be removed without replacing the entire wheel making it look and function just like in its original form. This would minimize the maintenance and repair costs.

Another advantage of spoke/Dayton wheels is that it is has enough strength compared to its weight. Because spokes are light in weight, it can provide maximum support to the wheels and its lightweight property could contribute in minimizing the vehicle's fuel consumption. Another advantage of using spoke/Dayton wheels is that they are laced through the rim and are connected to the hub giving more wheel support and flexibility.

Some spoke/Dayton wheels are already customized and are fitted to the owner's preference depending on his particular need. Some spokes are customized for fashion purposes and contains rim of 30 to over 200 spokes but this could be very expensive and are not advisable for everyday ordinary use.

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