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The Sun Visor and Its Functions

Traveling inside a vehicle while facing the sun could be difficult. The sun's glare could be a hazard especially to the driver and could potentially lead to accidents if not properly dealt with. For these reasons, a sun visor was included during the manufacturing of vehicles.

Know Your Sun Visor

The sun visor of your vehicle is found at the ceiling just above the windshield and is provided both for the driver and the front passenger. Some sun visors are built into the cab while most are found in the cab interior that can be manually adjusted.

Sun Visor
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The sun visor is opaque and is manually rotated downward when the driver or the passenger needs its function. Some vehicles have automatic sun visor's that readily rotates down through an electronic device or button pushed by the driver or the front passenger.

When pulled down, a sun visor can successfully block the sun's rays and glares without blocking the driver's or the front passenger's view of the road. Normally, a sun visor has pockets that the vehicle owner can tuck its driver's license, wallet, receipts, and other light and thin materials into.

Benefits of Having a Sun Visor

There are several benefits that you can get out of having a sun visor in your vehicle. Although sun visors are included when you buy a new vehicle, you can have it replaced depending on your preferences for shape or style, color preference, and even for your own convenience. Nowadays, automatic sun visors are available, and they are getting more and more popular because unlike the old model or traditional sun visors, automatic sun visors of the driver works separately from the passenger's visor.

An electronic sensor detects the eye position of the driver or its passenger and the amount of light that hits the face. If it senses that the occupants are in need of its service, a motorized device releases the sun visors and positions it where it could best shield the vehicle's occupants against the rays of the sun. Another important function of a modern sun visor is that it can adjust and be effective even when the sun is at a low angle especially during its setting or rising. It can also detect and block any blinding reflection of a car's rear window that is situated in front of your vehicle during traffic jam or stop light.

More Advantages of Having a Sun Visor in Your Vehicle

Another notable benefit of installing a modern or automatic sun visor is that it can function like a sunshade when your vehicle is on a halt. Automatic sun visors can be lowered down and cover the entire length of your windshield to keep the interior of your vehicle cool and protected against the heat of the sun. Modern sun visors are so magnificent they can be controlled and lightened or darkened depending on your sun-blocking need. Nowadays, automatic sun visors can only be found in high-end vehicles and luxury cars such as trucks, SUVs, sedans, and motor homes. But because of its functionality and practicality, it would be no surprise if automatic sun visors can already be found among midstream car models of today.

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