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Things About a Vehicle's Front Seat

The front seat inside a vehicle is automatically included upon the purchase of your vehicle. It is located at the front area of the vehicle just beside the driver's seat with gear shifter or shift stick between them. Basically, a front seat is a chair inside a vehicle and is used for seating purposes of the vehicle's passenger or for placing things when the driver is by himself.

Front Seat
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Aside from the driver's seat, the front seat is the most utilized areas inside a vehicle since most individuals prefer to sit beside the driver especially if the vehicle is not driven by a chauffeur or when the passenger is with a family member or a friend. Since the front seat is commonly used, it is subjected to the usual wear and tear of vehicle riding that is why most front seats are made of durable materials such as leather, depending on the vehicle model. The materials used for the front seat of a vehicle are also used for the back seat and the driver's seat for uniformity and style.

Basic Parts of a Vehicle's Front Seat

A typical front seat of a car comprises of the following parts:

  • Armrest
  • Backrest with lumbar support
  • Headrest
  • Seat base
  • Seat track

It also includes features that can be adjusted to the passenger's comfort such as the following:

  • Back rest angle
  • Cushion edge
  • Fore and aft position
  • Headrest angle
  • Headrest level
  • Lumbar position
  • Seat depth
  • Seat height
  • The upper part of the front seat's back rest can be tilted to the front for shoulder support
  • Head support at the side

Safety Features of a Car's Front Seat

The front seat is designed to be as comfortable for the vehicle's passenger as possible. To begin with, the seat at the front of a vehicle is made to support the lumbar region including the full length of the thigh. The lumbar region is the spine located between the diaphragm and the pelvic region. It supports most of a person's weight. The lumbar mechanism in a vehicle's front seat allows the passenger to regulate and shift the seat back to where he is most comfortable.

Other safety features that are included in a vehicle's front seat are child restraint system or a child safety seat. It comfortably restrains a child to prevent unnecessary movements that could destruct the driver's attention and lead to accidents. It also tucks the child safely through a safety harness, which is attached to the seat to protect the child during mishaps or road accidents. Another safety feature that is included in a vehicle's front seat is the anti-submarine seat or the kind of seat that holds the passenger to the seat and prevents him from moving forward in cases of collision. For vehicles that are designed to move fast and make sharp turns, a bucket seat is installed to hold the passenger in place during sharp and sudden turns.

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