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Get to Know Your Truck's Dash Assembly

When people look at your car, the first thing they will notice is its exterior, the design, paint, and such, but upon stepping inside your vehicle, the first and foremost area that they would notice and scrutinize is your dash assembly and its contents.

The dash assembly is a control panel that contains the control and instruments relevant to the operation of your vehicle. It is situated in the front area of your car, behind the steering wheel, and right below the windshields. It has several surrounding car parts, but the dash assembly can be conveniently removed without having to remove many other elements surrounding the panel.

Dash Assembly
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Functions of a Dash Assembly

The dash assembly has a very important function because it tells you a lot of information you need in order to drive your car properly such as the amount of fuel remaining, your speed, the miles you have travel, your current location, and other pertinent information that could help you drive safely and comfortably. Aside from organizing the interior parts of your vehicle, a dash assembly also plays an important role in protecting the driver and the front passenger against electrocution, heat, and the inconvenience cable wires and harnesses could give when they are exposed.

The dash assembly also protects the vehicle's passengers from the unsightly vision of exposed automotive innards. Almost half of the vehicle's total wiring are found in the dash assembly. A nice dash assembly could also contribute to the style and elegance and the total appearance of your car.

Contents of a Dash Assembly

The dash assembly also holds some of the most important parts of your vehicle. The basic contents of a dash assembly include the following:

  • The speedometer. This is one of the most popular tools found in a dash assembly. It basically tells you how fast you are going and if you need to slow down or speed up. Advanced speedometers no longer use a cable that connects to a gear inside the transmission but instead already uses electric sensors that to gauge how fast your vehicle is going.
  • The fuel gauge. This device also found in your dash assembly basically functions as a reminder for you when to stop on the next fuel station or when to keep going.
  • The tachometer. This device in your dash assembly measures the revolution of the engine per minute. This detail will tell you when it is time to shift so you can economize your fuel consumption.
  • Charging system gauge. This device monitors the amount of current being feed by the battery of your vehicle to your engine. If the battery is providing too much current and is depleting itself without getting filled by the charging system, the charging system gauge or warning lights in your dash assembly would automatically turn on to alert you of the problem.
  • Oil pressure gauge. This device is very important since it warns you if your engine's oil is way too hot and it needs rest, otherwise, your vehicle would be damaged or will suffer from engine burn.
  • Temperature gauge. This device in the dash assembly measures the temperature of your engine coolant and will alert you during alarming situations.

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