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Air Bags: How Important Are They

Every year, road-related accidents have been increasing, especially when precautions inside the vehicle have not yet been effectual. But today, the safety of all passengers cannot be compromised so modern technology devised a new measure-the air bag.

Air Bag
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Air bags were invented in order to safeguard people from vehicle accidents. During its first inception, air bags were placed only beside the driver. Nowadays however, it has been placed all around the car seats. Soon after the air bag was introduced into the market, the United States in particular began implementing laws concerning the inclusion of air bags in the front, driver, and side seats. Some new models of air bags have even been contained with curtains, which is placed on the ceiling of the vehicle.

Front Air bags

Talking about front air bags, these types were the first to be made. Front air bags were originally designed to give protection to the driver as well as the front passenger against injuries in the head and chest. There are also torso air bags available in today's vehicle. Front air bags provide great benefits to passengers as it has been proven that they lessen the occurrence of injury during accidents.

Front Seats with Side Air bags

In vehicle accidents, impacts on the sides of a vehicle have also been a relatively large problem. Reports indicate that on the average, there were almost five thousand front seat passengers who were killed by side impacts without the use of air bags. And now, road authorities have recommended that all vehicles should include head-and-torso air bags on the side. So far, when the air bag safety measure was implemented, deaths from vehicle accidents have been greatly reduced.

Ensuring Safety

Safety is the main purpose of the installation of air bags in every vehicle. Due to air bags, the risk of death in vehicle passengers was reduced by more than 37 percent. However, there is no strict law concerning the installation of air bags, but car manufacturers put more and more air bags because of their functionality.

Discounts on Insurance

In terms of insurance, vehicle owners whose automobiles only have front air bags are charged with lesser rates or safety discounts from automobile insurance. Owners of vehicles can also enjoy great savings with side air bags.

Other Considerations

On the other hand, there are some considerations that every vehicle owner must take into account. In particular, air bags are not without precaution. They can also cause injuries. This is why it is advisable for passengers to sit at about ten inches away from the air bags. In addition, babies should not be seated on the front seat, which has side air bag for fear of suffocation.

Air bag Costs

The costs of air bags in different cars depend of course on the respective truck or auto companies you purchase your vehicle from. However, in the case of air bag add-on in vehicles, costs vary. The complete air bag system costs quite a substantial amount since the whole system will have to be replaced after they are used.

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