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Know More about the Air Conditioner Evaporator

To afford the comforting air provided by an air-conditioning system to your truck or vehicle, you will need fully functional and well-maintained air conditioner parts. The three most important parts of an air conditioning system are the air conditioner compressor, air conditioner condenser, and air condition evaporator. Each of these three needs the other to give you refreshing air during your transportation.

An air conditioner evaporator looks like a small radiator. If the condenser receives hot liquid and turns it into a cool pressurized gas, the air conditioner evaporator works the opposite way. The air conditioner evaporator also has metal fins to help in exchange the thermal energy with the surrounding air.

Basic Functions of an Air Conditioner Evaporator

Primarily, the air conditioner evaporator serves as the heat absorption component of the air conditioner. It has several important functions, but its main responsibility is to eliminate heat from the inside of your vehicle. The air conditioner evaporator's secondary function is to deliver dehumidification. As warm air travels through the aluminum fins of the cooler evaporator coil, the moisture found in the air condenses on its surface allowing dust and pollen that passes through to stick to its wet surfaces and drain off outside your vehicle. When you see some water dripping from the bottom of your vehicle especially on a hot weather, do not worry about it. There is nothing wrong with your vehicle's air conditioning system. It only shows that your air conditioning system is working double time to deliver cool air compared to days with average temperature.

Air Conditioner Evaporator
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The Works of an Air Conditioner Evaporator

The air conditioner evaporator receives excessively cool liquid and allows it to pass through the tubes of the air conditioning system. This liquid goes into the air conditioner evaporator through a very small narrow hole. On the other end of the coil, the liquid's pressure drops and start to evaporate and change into a gas form. As the liquid changes to gas form and evaporates, it takes out heat from the air around it. The heat in the air is required in separating the molecules of the liquid and changing it into gas. When the refrigerant or working fluid leaves the air conditioner evaporator, it has already been converted into a cool low pressure gas before they are finally released to cool down the interior of your vehicle. After which, it will return to the compressor to start the process all over again.

The ideal temperature of the air conditioner evaporator is 32F or 0C. The temperature and pressure regulating devices must be used to control the temperature. Although there are other types of devices used in an air conditioning system, their main functions are the same: to keep the pressure in the air conditioner evaporator low and prevent the air conditioner evaporator from freezing because a frozen evaporator coil will keep the air conditioner from absorbing as much heat. In relation to this, you will know that your air conditioner evaporator needs replacement or maintenance when it is releasing hot air instead of your expected cool refreshing air.

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