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Everything about the Air Conditioner Condenser

The air conditioning system may be common since most houses, offices, and cars have an air conditioning system installed. But it is an amazing appliance that converts gas to liquid and back again and enables to fill the area with crisp cool air that gives comfort especially on a hot summer day or on a humid weather. But all the comfort you need from a cold, refreshing air would not be provided unless the air conditioning system in your car has all the necessary parts that make the equipment work.

A functional air conditioning system must have an air conditioner compressor, air conditioner condenser, and an air conditioner evaporator that work perfectly well to provide you all the ease and comfort you need while in transit. One of the air conditioning system's most vital part is the air conditioner condenser. An air conditioner condenser is made up of groups of long hollow coils that are filled with hot liquid which, in the core function of a condenser, are converted into cool air supplied to the interior of your vehicle.

Locating the Air Conditioner Condenser in Your Vehicle

The condenser can be safely compared to a small radiator. It is usually mounted at the front of the car right next to the big radiator. Some air conditioner condensers have their own electric cooling fan just like the main car engine. The air conditioner condenser is specifically designed to allow the passage of hot compressed air and send it to the evaporator in a much cooler, liquefied form.

Air Conditioner Condenser
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Knowing the Functions of an Air Conditioner Condenser

If you do not have much idea on how the air conditioner condenser works, it would be much of an assistance if you regard the function of a condenser not as an air cooler but an air conditioning system part that is responsible for removing the heat from the air. The process of heat removal or cooling the air that will surround your vehicle starts when the refrigerant flows into the compressor as cool gas. The compressor would pressurize and compress the Freon or refrigerant to liquefy gas and turn it into a hot liquid. This hot liquid then flows into the air conditioner condenser and allows heat to escape from the refrigerant through the several fin-like vents in the casing of condenser. When the refrigerant reaches the end of the condenser's coils, they are already a lot cooler but are still under high pressure. Because of this pressure, the refrigerant is pushed to a tiny valve and leaves the air conditioner condenser as a fine mist, which then evaporates while flowing through a different set of hollow coils. The process of evaporation here separates the heat out of the air that surrounds the coils thereby cooling this air. The air conditioning fan then blows air across the coils that reduces air temperature, and after which, cool air is blown into the ducts and are released to your vehicle.

When to Clean Your Air Conditioner Condenser?

You will know that your air conditioner condenser is already in need of cleanup when the air that it expels is no longer enough to cool your vehicle. In this case, take your vehicle to an auto repair shop for checkup and maintenance services.

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