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Air Compressor: Maintaining the Vehicle's Ventilation System

The air cooling system of a vehicle allows the driver and its passengers to have a more comfortable ride. This is especially true in regions having a warm humid climate. It could get very hot on a long trip in the vehicle. This is the reason most of the vehicles in countries with hot climates have an air-conditioning system installed. There may be debates on the use of an air conditioner in relation to the total fuel efficiency of the vehicle, but somehow they have concluded an air-conditioning system in vehicles to be not just a luxury but a need.

Air Compressor
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Looking Back

Before, air-conditioning systems were purely optional. It took up much space in the vehicle, usually in the trunk space. And it was not as efficient as the cooling systems of today. There was no thermostat controls or an independent shut-off mechanism. Another fully integrated ventilating, heating, and air-conditioning system was introduced in the automobile industry. It was compact and uses a single unit air conditioning and heating system. It became a hit in the mass market, and this ventilating system became an integral part of the engine bay. This was the first time that the air compressor was used in vehicles, and until today, it still helps in providing passenger comfort.

Understanding Air Compressors

Air compressors for every vehicle type are different. The right air compressor is still required in the vehicle so that it will be able to function and provide precise ventilation system. And in order to get it right, one should understand how an air compressor works. A variety of air compressors are available. They have varying sizes and differing abilities to deliver a well-processed compressed air.

How the Air Compressor Works

It begins with a low pressure gas that travels in the air conditioning system. The compressor will then compress it into a high pressure gas. The air will then be cooled down traveling into the condenser. While the gas is cooled, it travels to the evaporator. With liquids being squeezed through small holes and tubings, it will then be converted back into gas. And this low pressure gas will transport back to the air compressor again to repeat the cycle.

The air compressor is responsible in compressing low-pressure gas into a high-pressure gas. The conversion of the cool air to hot air is the first step in keeping the vehicle cool. This is what keeps the air-conditioning system going. Although much of the process takes place in the air compressor should any of the other parts-the condenser or the evaporator-of the air conditioning system fail, the entire ventilation system likewise fails.

The Considerations to Make

In buying an air compressor, the very first consideration of the buyer is the size of the vehicle. The larger the truck, the bigger the unit that should be used as it will need more horse power to provide the right amount of ventilation for your vehicle. These air compressors may be an expensive part, but it sure is vital in keeping the vehicle's cooling system going.

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