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Spindle (Front Axle): A Small Yet Vital Component

The axle spindle is an important part of the truck's suspension system. This appropriately designed and fitted suspension system provides the truck driver more confidence and satisfaction in terms of safety for pedestrians, passengers, other vehicles, and fellow drivers. Everyone will definitely feel better having a steady and stable ride and providing cargoes better transport.

Spindle (Front Axle)
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The Three Major Classifications of Suspension System

  • The independent system allows each wheel to respond individually and separately to road conditions. This is the most expensive type but provides the best performance. This is usually found on new motorcoaches and some seated tour trucks. They are built to equal the individual body and chassis of the truck's model and make, to make certain that maximum handling, comfort standards, and turning are achieved.
  • The mechanical truck suspension system makes use of metal leaf springs. It is composed of one or more arched and long pieces of steel that may be flexed when necessary but returns back to its original shape. The addition of leaf spring allows the suspension to carry more weight.
  • The air suspension system is powered by an electric air pump (compressor) or engine driven pump. The compressor pressurizes the air, and the compressed air acts as a spring replacing the conventional steel springs. It features air bladders to allow self-leveling and provides a smoother ride.

The mechanical truck and air suspension systems are found on majority of trucks for the simple reason that they cost less and they are easier to repair. Experts believe that the simple mechanism of these types of suspensions answers the needs of big trucks, and those independent suspensions are just mere extravagance for their type.

Uniquely Planned

All types of suspension systems are designed and engineered exclusively for every chassis. When axles are created, engineers are required to review them during the initial design phase to ensure that the height, frame, and width variable are one of a kind. Every truck is inspected as to its suspension system to guarantee that the suspensions, axles, and spindle are in proper working condition considering that the entire truck suspension system can be costly to repair.

The Importance

The spindle is vital for the whole suspension system, but most often than not, it is taken for granted. The absence of the spindle will cause the other integral component of the truck to fall apart and turn worthless. The spindle acts as connector to suspension parts including the axle. It is the part that holds the hub for the wheels, and it is also the component that connects the wheel to the lower and upper control arms of your truck. This is enough reason why you should provide your truck with quality spindle because without its help, the suspension system will not be able to perform its task properly. There is also a greater chance for you to encounter problems like an annoying drive while on the road and a wobbly ride. If you have observed problems like this, it is most likely that the spindle on the suspension is damaged or malfunctioning. Have them replaced immediately to bring back a high-performance drive and smooth quality ride.

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