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Radiator Core Support: Enhancing the Performance of Your Truck

The radiator is the heart of the vehicle's cooling system and responsible in keeping the internal combustion engine from overheating. Without the radiator, the truck's engine will easily fail. Large vehicles like trucks generally have a high-capacity radiator in multiple rows. If you observe that your truck's cooling system is not working the way it should be, then you need to check the radiator core support. One of the key components for an effective cooling system is the radiator core support.

Radiator Core Support
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Basic Causes of Damage

The radiator core support rots after prolonged exposure to salty roads and will eventually lead to leakage. Bad overheating is also a significant cause to a damaged radiator core support. It usually happens when the engine is not allowed to cool down properly causing the head gasket to blow or deforming the cylinder gasket. There may also be a problem with regards to the plugged radiator core when driving up a hill or at high speed, which may cause to heat up the engine greatly.

However, the problem will be avoided if you regularly flush the radiator core support. You need to have your radiator core periodically checked for clogging by an expert technician or mechanic to be able to identify any defect or the extent of damage and crumbling. But if the component is completely damaged, then you do not have other option but to replace it to ensure an excellent performance of your truck.

What Composes the Radiator Core?

The radiator core support consists of a network of small tubes. When the truck engine cools down, the air coolant flows through the tubes. Since the core of radiator is susceptible to vibration, you must see to it that each and every bracket attachment bolt has a corresponding nut. In this way, bolt loosening caused by vibration will be significantly reduced. Radiator core support comes in various styles and sizes, and you must choose the one matching your truck's requirement and space constraints. But regardless of what design or size you choose, radiators evolve on one principle: large heat exchanger.

How the Radiator Core Support System Works

The radiator is composed of the tanks and the radiator core. The tanks are the top or sides and bottom wherein the hoses are attached for the entrance and exits of the coolant. There are some vehicles that incorporate coolers inside the tanks to keep all other fluids at an optimum temperature and to avoid the transmission from failing and overheating. An engine oil cooler incorporated into your radiator keeps the internal engine temperature at a safe level. But it is at the radiator core where the real magic takes place. The fins and small tubes in the core are responsible for dissipating the heat. Radiators are designed to contain different amounts of tubes or commonly referred as "rows". A towing truck for instance must have a "4 row" very thick radiator while a smaller truck can only have "1 row" thin radiator, just enough for the function it serves. Radiators that are too big for the engine is not really necessary, but if the radiator is too small for the vehicle, then you may encounter some overheating issues.

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