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Knuckles (Front Axle): The Structural Strength of Every Vehicle

The vehicle's axle is the straight shaft that is secured in position where the rotating wheels or gears are attached using a built-in bushing or bearing. The wheel is able to rotate without involving the axle because of the bearing fitted inside the middle of the wheel itself. Every vehicle that has a wheel has an axle since it is responsible for securing the wheels to specific locations in relation to the other wheels or gear.

Knuckles (Front Axle)
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Where Is It Located?

You can find the axle underneath the vehicle where the wheels are secured in place. The wheels will not remain in position without the axle, and they will also bend flat once force or weight is applied to the vehicle. The axle is able to absorb the whole weight of your truck as well as acceleration and braking forces. It transfers the weight away from the wheels to reduce the pressure applied against the joints of the vehicle. Over time the axle has been modified to accommodate multiple requirements and other functions such as steering, breaking, and driving to guarantee a correct level of structural support.

The Types of Axles

The steering wheel is connected to the steering axle and controls the direction of the front wheels, which is incidentally attached to the front axle. The drive train system of your vehicle involves the transfer of the motor power into a force causing the axle to rotate. In turn, the rotation moves the wheels and consequently, moving the vehicle too. Once brakes are applied, friction is created to slow down the rotation of the axle and reduce the speed of wheel rotation. There are three kinds of axles:

  • Straight - one shaft connects two parallel wheels
  • Split - each wheel is connected to separate shaft
  • Tandem - multiple axles are located closely to each other. This is the type of axle found in large trucks because it helps increase the carrying capacity of the vehicle.

Why It Is Needed

The knuckles are connected to the front axle and are attached to several tubings that have to be matched according to diameter, thickness, suit weight, strength, and tire size of the vehicle. There could be several options that may be chosen; however, the center section and its outer section should be well fit. This allows the right combination to make things in the front axle and the entire axle assembly complete. The right fit likewise eliminates the problem on leaking axles.

Redesigning the Front Axles

In order to address the problems on leaking knuckles, a seal has been included in the assembly of the front axle. Having the seals that ride on the spline longfield shafts or on the vehicle's inner spline avoids the gear oil from getting stuck into the knuckles. In this way, the front axle's assembly is maintained fit and tighter. This increases the structural strength of the area near the knuckles so that it prevents the vehicle from jumping on a hard rocky surface. The front axles are no longer the same because it has a brace from top to bottom that clings the vehicle's support from the front to the back as well.

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