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Generator: A Powerful Equipment

Engine generators are generally used for supplying electrical power in areas where there is no available utility power or where there is a need for power temporarily. Smaller generators are used at construction sites while trailer-mounted generators supply power for the temporary installation of sound amplification systems, lighting systems, amusement rides, etc.

A standby power generator is a permanent fixture, which is installed to keep power supply to critical loads ready in case there is a temporary interruption of utility power supply. This is usually seen in hospitals, data processing centers, sewage pumping stations, communications service installations, and in other important facilities. There is also a generator mounted on a truck, primarily used to conserve fuel in case the vehicle remains idle for some time.

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APUs or Truck Generator?

A truck consumes thousands of gallons of diesel fuel each day without even moving. A study conducted on truck's fuel consumption estimates an average of almost two thousand gallons of diesel fuel consumed in one year while idling and that's roughly $6,000 fuel cost. Several states have already passed anti-idling laws and implemented them strictly to truckers by issuing tickets to those violators. These laws go hand in hand with another federal regulation that requires the truck driver to rest and sleep for ten hours for every eleven hours of driving. For this reason that you need to install APU or truck generator on your truck so you can sleep comfortably without worrying of getting fined for an idle truck engine.

Truck generators and APU (auxiliary power unit) may be different in terms of the amount of electricity being generated and unit cost, the generators being limited to a maximum of 15,000 Btu only and costs less, while an APU can achieve more cooling and heating capacity. But they both serve the purpose of giving your truck extra electricity without stressing the truck engine so much.

How Truck Generator Works

A truck APU or truck generator converts DC power to AC power while at the same time providing air and heat to the truck rider. It is a device that provides energy for some functions other than making the truck move such as cooling, heating, and ventilation systems before starting the engine or when the engine is turned off. It provides comfort to truckers and passengers minus the expense, the danger, and the noise of a running engine.

A Perfect Truck Mate

Truck generators are fitted to tanks or mounted to frame rails in order to supply electrical power when your truck is stationary. The most common APU is able to provide the following:

  • Cooling system
  • Heating system
  • Alternator or generator system
  • Air conditioning compressor

Highway trucks may be provided with APU units by Proheat, Webasto, and Espar. This auxiliary generator system is sure to reduce your fuel cost and an economical answer to "no idle" laws. They are lightweight and space saving such that you do not have to worry about an added weight to an already-heavy and bulky vehicle.

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