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Timing Gear Requires Timing in the Assembly

Used timing gears should be diagnosed as early as possible. When the timing gears and the timing chain of an automobile are already worn out, these will affect the valve and the ignition timing of the vehicle. Using them despite seeing them worn may cause the engine to run rough and later on, it may not run at all.

Timing Gear
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Noticing Problems

Timing gears and its chains do not usually bug down without notice. These two would give initial signs of failing before they eventually stop working. A good indication is when there is too much noise inside the timing chain cover. It tells you that the chains of the timing gears are already loose, and it is time to replace them. You may likewise notice that the timing gears are having excessive plays when you remove the distributor cap.

Try to turn the crankshaft in a single direction until the rotor moves and immediately turn it in the opposite direction until such time that it turns the other way around. If you turned the crank more than half an inch to be able to move the rotor, your timing gears are telling you that they need to be replaced.

Replacing Timing Gears

When there are problems with the timing gears, you just don't replace the timing gear alone. The timing gears and the chains have to be replaced as a set. It is nonsense if you just try to replace the timing gears without the chain or for your automobile to be using worn gears on a new chain. The timing gear and the chain are a pack of matched sets that is why they need to be replaced as a set and not individually.

Installing the Timing Gears

To install the timing gear and chain set on any pushrod engine, the crank gear should go first. It will be followed by the cam gear attaching the chain and the timing gear on it. There are however some engines that use OHC applications. In this kind, there is really no set of procedures in installing the timing gears. This is because the chain tensions are usually controlled by a tensioner that guides in installing the timing gears and the chain.

Careful Assembly of Timing Gears

Care must be observed when assembling the timing gears on the engine. If it is installed mistakenly, getting the timing off on one tooth or more, the engine will not run well. This is because of retarded or advanced cam gear timing. The same thing should be done when installing timing gears on vehicles with OHC engines. If the timing gear and the OHC timing belts will not be properly aligned, there is a possibility that the engine will not run or start. This is because the timing is off on one or more than two teeth which is equivalent to 8 or more degrees. This is the same thing that happens when the vehicle continues to use worn-out timing gears and chain. Aside from not allowing the engine to run, it may also damage the valve because there is not enough clearance between the piston and the valve.

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