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Timing Cover: Getting the Right Protection

Most of truck's timing belt may be tough, but it still needs to be protected from the harsh environment inside the engine compartment and from road rubble. Proper protection could be achieved with the aid of the right timing belt cover. And remember to be on the lookout at all times and get it replaced if it is not doing its job anymore. Make sure that the replacement is compatible with your timing belt to be able to safeguard it properly and to meet the standard OEM specs to ensure that it is made by the original manufacturer.

Timing Cover
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The Engine's Coordinated Movement

The synchronized movement of the engine's valves, camshaft, and crankshaft is controlled by a component simply called a belt or more precisely a timing belt. A timing belt is also referred to as a cam belt or a timing chain. The precise and smooth movement of the timing belt is responsible in making the internal combustion of the truck work. The whole function may look like it is being controlled by a complex engine component-but the fact is, it is not. The timing belt is a toothed rubber belt that is driven by the camshaft. The camshaft's key function is to control and manage the engine valves by coordinating its rotation together with the crankshaft. In some modern vehicles, the timing belt also functions in driving the water pump.

Smooth Engine Operation

The smooth and continuous operation of your truck's engine is dependent on the timing in the opening and closing of the valves. Because of this, it is only proper to have the vehicle's timing belt well protected with timing cover.

A timing cover is a lid or cap with three metal plates. Not many people are aware of the importance of a timing cover, probably because they are hidden. Some may even think that they do not need to be replaced because it only protects the timing belt which rarely fails. But this is a wrong notion. Without the timing cover, the timing belt may get damaged easily, the timing of the valves will not be precise, and subsequently may lead to malfunctioning of the engine's operation. The worse that could happen is it could damage other internal engines when an unwanted collision occurs as the valve opens at the stroke of a piston.

Taking Care Of The Component

There are some cases where damage to the timing belt is caused by the timing cover itself. A sloppy timing cover installation can lead to future damage. Therefore, it would be best if replacements be done by professional mechanics considering that there are other components that needs to be removed during the process such as the radiator hose, the thermostat, the water pump, and some others. And no matter how simple the function of the timing cover is, it is still important to take care of it to guarantee a flawless operation of your engine. Leading brands such as Ford and Chevy manufactures high-quality timing covers such that you expect them to last long. There are other truck parts sources in the market that are distributors of quality timing covers, like Parts Train, Car Parts Wholesale, Auto Parts Warehouse, and a lot more.

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