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Steps on How to Carefully Install an Oil Pump

Various vehicle engines require specific installation of each part. However, for oil pumps, there is a general way of properly installing an oil pump into your vehicle for it to lubricate correctly when accelerating. The following are some general ways as to how you can carefully and correctly install an oil pump into your vehicle.

Oil Pump
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  • The first thing to do in installing an oil pump is of course to choose a clean area. Also, when installing an oil pump, it is necessary that you set it up indoors since you will disassemble the internal components of your engine. If you set up outside and in a cluttered area, dirt will mix into the oil and will result to a tattered engine. Once you have made sure the area is clean, you are now ready to install the oil pump.
  • After you park into a clean and safe place, set your vehicle under a jack stand. However, be careful in placing the jack under your car as it can slip off and cause unwanted accidents. Also, double-check if the height of the jack is just enough to stand with the blocks.
  • ou are now ready to drain the oil into the pan. To drain the oil into the pan, you must pull the plug located at the rear bottom of the pan. Dispose the oil properly in an area where dumping is allowed. Also, make sure to remove any obstacle such as transmission line, exhaust, and others that can prevent the pan from coming down. Be careful in draining the oil.
  • Next, remove the bolts from the oil pan along with the big bolts in the back. Once you have done this, the oil pump will be revealed. The oil pump can be easily identified due to its distinct appearance. It has a pickup tube and filter that will allow the oil to drain into the pan. When the bolt is finally removed, you can now put the new pump into the vehicle. You can use the pickup tube and screen from the old pump and then align the pin in the hole.
  • Be sure to check if the drive spline is in line with the drive from the cam gear. Do not use any sealant to line the drive. Next, put the bolt back and tighten it. Now, you can scrape the old gasket from the oil pan and clean the pan.
  • Put glue into the gasket for it to stick into the pan for about thirty minutes to one hour. Now, put the oil pan in place and be sure to do it carefully to avoid the gasket from moving.
  • Tighten all the bolts and put the drain back into the oil pan. Once you have done this, you can now put the vehicle back into the ground. Lower the truck using the jack and carefully remove it.
  • Now, you are ready to go. But it is always good to remember to make sure proper safety measures are observed when changing the oil pump.

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