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Muffler and Its Importance to the Truck Engine

Loud trucks passing your way could be so annoying. They create noise pollution, and they could catch unnecessary attention. The noise that is normally produced by a truck engine or a vehicle is reduced by a device called muffler.

The muffler was originally invented by Milton O. Reeves. The main function of a muffler or a silencer is to reduce sound produced by an engine or a machine to a tolerable level. The muffler is also a vital engine part on a typical internal combustion engine because it is where the engine blows out its exhaust.

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The Muffler Description

A muffler is normally located along the exhaust pipe and is a part of the exhaust system on an internal combustion engine of an automotive. Its main function is to eliminate the noise normally created by a running or starting engine. This function is achieved with the help of a chamber that resonates, which is designed to trigger destructive interference such that sound waves of opposite kinds cancel each other out. Aside from a muffler, an exhaust system can also be installed with a catalytic converter, which resembles the function of a muffler, but its effects is more on sound restriction rather than sound elimination.

Kinds of Mufflers and Their Typical Locations

Although a muffler has a general function regardless of where it would be attached to, its location would vary depending on the vehicle including the vehicle's design. On cars, it is normally lengthwise and blows outwards at the rear of the car. It is located underneath the car's body and placed on the sides before the rear wheels.

For power trucks using large diesel, the muffler is typically mounted vertically behind the cab or crosswise under the front of the cab and blows sideways. On motorcycles, a muffler is located beside the engine and rear wheel and blows backwards. In modern motorcycles, the muffler that is blowing backward can be found from under the seat.

How the Muffler Works

A muffler has a set of tubes inside, which are designed to develop reflected waves that either obstruct or cancel each other out. The sound waves and the exhaust gases enter through the center tube, and they typically bounce off on the back wall of the muffler and are reflected through the hole into the main body of the muffler. The exhaust gas and sound waves pass through a set of holes into another chamber wherein they turn and expelled by the last pipe and out of the muffler.

Advantages of an Engine with an Installed Muffler

A functional muffler that reduces backpressure compared to older models has become increasingly in demand in the market starting from the late twentieth century. By installing a muffler with an enhanced back pressure, your engine is guaranteed to achieve an increase in engine efficiency, power output and performance, and generally decrease the overall wear and tear of the engine's components. A well-maintained muffler would also go in compliance with the law.

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