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The Fuel Injection Pump and Its Dynamics

A fuel injection pump is a device that pumps or draws out fuel from the cylinders of gasoline or diesel. The pump is normally driven by a chain or toothed timing belt that is motivated by the gears in a crankshaft. The fuel injection pump system is attached to the camshaft leading them to be intertwined. In a traditional four-stroke engine, the fuel injection pump rotates at half the speed of a crankshaft to enable the right timing of the injection process. Pump belts on gasoline engines are also commonly driven directly from the camshaft. The pressure of fuel injection pump varies depending on the design of the engine. Some system injection pressures can reach up to 200Mpa.

Fuel Injection Pump
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How Does the Fuel Injection Pump Function?

The fuel injection pump belongs to the fuel system, but it is different from a fuel pump. A fuel pump is in charge of the fuel flow from the container of fuel tank. When the fuel is siphoned out of the tank, it is pumped along a system of tubes to the engine block, and it is when the fuel injection pump functions and pushes the fuel inside the gasoline or diesel cylinders. The overall control of the fuel injection pump lies on the device known as the governor. The governor automatically cuts the supply of fuel when the temperature of the moving parts of the engine becomes too hot. Because of this mechanism, the speed of the truck is automatically controlled, ensuring the engine's and driver's safety.

Things to Consider When Getting a Functional Fuel Injection Pump

Generally, a fuel system has its own function with several parts working together to achieve this target function. But its main objective is to deliver and supply fuel for the completion of the combustion process. The engine's design however would determine how the fuel system would be optimized to deliver more efficiently. If you are not sure yet which type of engine you would get, check on the fuel system together with its essential parts such as the fuel injection pump should meet the ideal engine standards. These standards include the following:

  • Fuel efficiency
  • Power output
  • Emissions performance
  • Reliability
  • Drive ability and smooth operation
  • Ability to accommodate alternative fuels
  • Maintenance cost
  • Initial cost
  • Diagnostic capability
  • Engine tuning
  • Range of environmental operation

Safety Precautions

The operation of fuel injection pumps has to be done in high-pressure environments to fully contain the system. At present, a fuel injection pump would need 15,000 psi or even higher that is why automotive engineers or mechanics who work on the fuel system take extra precautions, especially when handling diesel because the fuel expelled by the fuel injection pump can expose the human body to harmful fuel chemicals. The pressure alone can cause debilitating effects to the human body, and the chemicals can penetrate the clothes and skin of a worker leading to serious conditions such as tissue ruin and even amputation.

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