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What the Flywheel Housing Is For

If you were a newbie on truck engines, understanding all the parts would be quite difficult and confusing. It would also be difficult for you to understand the functions of each truck engine part without understanding the other parts attached or related to it. As an example, if you have no idea what a flywheel is, you will not understand what a flywheel housing is for or its significant functions and how it could be attached or disengaged from your truck should there be a need for you to do so.

Flywheel Housing
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The Flywheel and Flywheel Housing

To picture out what the flywheel housing is, you need to understand its main purpose. The flywheel housing is made to literally cover and protect the flywheel. Now you would definitely be asking, what a flywheel is and why does it have to be covered?

For starters, a flywheel is a simple rotating wheel made of heavy metal. Its main function is to store excess energy and to stabilize engine momentum and balance especially on surfaces where steering and truck control is difficult such as in slopes or downhill ride or when at the bottom of a valley. With a functional flywheel, maneuvering a truck is a lot easier because of the resistance it automatically produces on difficult areas.

This important function of a flywheel is coupled by a seemingly insignificant part but with an equally important function. A flywheel would have a difficult time functioning well without a flywheel housing. The flywheel housing or bell housing is usually made of cast iron, aluminum, or steel with a weight of approximately 85 pounds. It got its name from its bell shape, which acts as a covering for the important components inside the flywheel. A flywheel housing is important because it does not cover the flywheel alone but also the clutch or torque converter of the transmission on vehicles, which is supplied with power by internal combustion engines. The flywheel housing is bolted to the engine block to steady the flywheel. Another important engine part is the starter motor, which is also mounted in the flywheel housing and connects with a ring gear on the flywheel while the opposite end is bolted to the gearbox.

Flywheel Housing Maintenance

If you need to replace your flywheel housing, you can contact your local automotive shop for flywheel housing replacement or you can also go online to get your spare part needs. If you know how to replace flywheel housing, you can just do the replacement alone. Disengaging a flywheel housing and getting it back to its place is easy. You can just follow these simple steps:

  • Remove the flywheel then remove the starter motor.
  • Loosen the bolts that hold the oil pan plate to the flywheel housing
  • Fasten a hoist to the rear of the engine then lift the rear of the engine
  • Install the shims on each side of the engine between the cylinder block and oil pan plate.
  • Install lifting bracket on the flywheel housing
  • Remove bolts that hold the flywheel housing to the cylinder block
  • Remove flywheel housing from the engine.

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