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The Functions o1f an Automotive Fan Clutch

To keep a truck engine running at a normal or even above-normal performance, you need to ensure that all its vital systems and its parts are working properly. You also need to ensure that your truck engine is not missing even a single part since all the engine parts are interrelated and each has a contribution to the maximum performance of failure of your truck. You also have to make certain that your truck's engine is at its optimal shape to avoid mechanical glitches that could lead to property damage and could harm a human life.

The Cooling System and Its Parts

There are many essential systems of a truck engine, but one of the most important systems is the cooling system. The cooling system is responsible for keeping the engine at functional heat level and prevents it from overheating and damaging the truck engine parts. A cooling system has different parts. They are the coolant, the radiator, and the radiator fan. Each of these parts plays an important role that contributes to the smooth running condition of the engine. As an example, the cooling system would find it hard to function without the radiator fan. The radiator fan has several parts that contribute to the normal function of the automotive fan. One of these vital parts is the fan clutch.

Automotive Fan Clutch
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What Is a Fan Clutch?

A fan clutch is an automatic device used in a vehicle's cooling system. It is mechanical in a way that it cools down and disengages automatically from the engines' radiator cooling fan under normal engine temperature. However, when the truck engine gets active and starts to increase temperature, the fan clutch will automatically lower and maintain the engine's temperature at a normal level. To put it simply, the fan clutch acts as a neutralizer of the engines temperature.

How Does a Fan Clutch Work?

The fan clutch is normally found at the front of the water pump and is driven by a pulley and a belt that is connected to the engine's crankshaft. The fan clutch is wired to the engine thermostat and electronic sensors that keeps your engine from overheating. With a fan clutch working perfectly well on your engine, you will save power because the engine will not keep the automotive fan on if your engine is not in use.

Identifying Fan Clutch Failure

Although a fan clutch is generally reliable, it could still wear out eventually due to normal use. You will know that your fan clutch is no longer in good shape when your engine gets overheated even if it is at its standby position or even if your truck is idle. Your truck engine also needs a checkup when your air conditioning system fails to give out cold air or sufficient hot air for your heating system. If you have noticed the mentioned symptoms, have your fan clutch replaced immediately by an expert mechanic to avoid further engine and truck trouble.

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