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The Importance of Fan Blade to the Truck Engine's Cooling System

Each part of your truck engine, no matter how menial or simple they may sound like, plays an important role in as far as making your engine truck work. Each part is interrelated and a specific engine system may not be able to function properly without having all of the parts working harmoniously together.

Fan Blade
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An example to that is the cooling system of a truck engine. The system has several parts such as the coolant, radiator, and radiator fan. Each of these parts has smaller integral parts that also contribute to the proper functioning of the whole part. As an example, a radiator fan is a part of the cooling system. But the radiator fan is also made up of smaller parts such as its fan motor, fan belt, and its fan blade, among others. All the parts of the system from the biggest and the most significant part down to the smallest screw play an important role in making the engine run without causing accident or property damage.

Parts of an Automotive Fan

Any engine expert would say that a truck should have of a coolant, a radiator, and a radiator fan for its cooling system to be efficient and to work properly. Normally, the cooling system of a truck engine functions with a coolant that absorbs the heat emitted by the engine then the radiator dissipates the heat. But without a broken radiator fan, the cooling system would not be able to deliver its main function. A radiator fan is also called an automotive fan or condenser. It is comprised mainly of fan motor, fan clutch, fan belt, fan shrouds, and other parts. But the part that is responsible for drawing the air to the radiator is the fan blade.

What Is a Fan Blade?

Fan blade looks like the typical electric fan blades used at home or in the offices. The blades are flat and angled strategically to draw as much as air as possible. The fan blades are attached to the central hub of the automotive fan and are run by electric motors. The most important function of the automotive fan, together with all its equally important parts, is to prevent the truck engine from overheating and to withstand the normal wear of everyday heavy truck use. This cannot be attained without the use of fan blades.

How to Keep Your Fan Blades in Shape

Fan blades play an important part in keeping your truck in topnotch shape. However, since trucks are used for heavy-duty vehicular and transport and recreation needs, fan blades are exposed to heavy dust accumulation, prolonged heat, and harsh engine fluids. To ensure a longer fan blade lifetime, have your automotive fan cleaned every now and then. Fan blades are usually made of metal hard plastic material which could chip off and crack over time. A cracked fan blade has no further use and should be replaced immediately for continued truck use.

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