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What Is an Engine Wiring Harness For?

If you want to keep your vehicle in tiptop shape, you need to ensure that all aspects are well accounted for, even the tiniest details such as the engine cables and wiring. Your engine is a vital part of your vehicle that without it running your truck would definitely be impossible. It is thus of utmost importance that you check your engine every now and then because you know that your engine wiring harness should be in top condition at all times to avoid property damage and accidents. Your engine solely relies on a stable electrical source and to have a reliable electrical source to run your vehicle, the wiring that carries the electricity should be reliable as well.

Engine Wiring Harness
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What Makes an Engine Wiring Harness Reliable?

A reliable engine wiring harness can withstand and perform its basic functions under the following circumstances:

  • Heat resistant
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Insensitive to high temperature
  • Can withstand higher voltage
  • moisture

Uses of Engine Wiring Harness

A cable harness is also known as cable assembly, wire harness, wiring assembly, or wiring loom. It is a string of wires or cables that transmit energy or electricity. The engine wiring harness is bound together by cable ties, cable lacing, clamps, sleeves, conduit, electrical tape, or any of its variation. A cable harness has a significant use in vehicles because it provides the following convenience:

  • long engine cable wires can be reduced to a smaller bundler thus it could save space
  • with an engine wiring harness, the wires can be secured against harmful effects of abrasions and vibrations
  • with proper engine wiring harness, moisture that can erode electrical wires can be prevented
  • the risk of short circuit is decreased
  • the electrical system can be standardized
  • reduces the risk of electrical fires

When to Replace Your Engine Wiring Harness

Since your vehicle will not function without a functional electrical wiring, you need to check that your cables are still in good condition and they do not pose as hazard to your property and even your life. You can personally check your vehicle or have an automotive expert look at your engine wirings to determine the worthiness of your engine. If you have an automotive expert, there is no need for you to worry because he will just point the things that need to be replaced or the risky areas of your engine wiring. But if you would personally check on your car' electrical wiring, check out for the following warning signs:

  • the cables that used to be bundled up are loosened
  • some parts of the wiring were bitten off by rats or insects
  • the coating of your engine's wiring have thinned and discolored
  • some wires are disconnected to the main part of the engine
  • your engine easily heats up after a few minutes of use
  • there are sparks while trying to start the engine

If you experience any of these warning signs, contact your auto mechanic for proper assistance.

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