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Engine Oil Cooler: The Ultimate Engine Coolant

When a vehicle is continuously running on the road, it is expected that it will heat up. Without a proper cooling system, there is a tendency for the vehicle to overheat. This is precisely the reason why vehicles need to have a cooling system. In fact, there are two types in vehicles: one is for the radiator and the other one for the engine oil.

Engine Oil Cooler
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The Vehicle's Cooling Systems

In almost all kinds of transport engines, be it an automobile, motorcycle, railway locomotive, or aircraft with piston engines, the engine oil cooler provides the cooling system of the radiator. It enables to remove heat in the surrounding areas of the combustion chamber, which include the inlet manifold and the cylinders. It operates by releasing a liquid coolant that passes through the engine block and releasing the heat to the atmosphere. Usually the coolant is water-based but there are radiators that use oil. Still the same, the coolant is pumped and is being blown into the air by the radiator.

The engine oil is the lubricant for all the moving parts of a vehicle. In addition to providing the engine's lubrication, it also serves as the coolant for the other internal combustion engine parts like the connecting rods, pistons, bearings, and the crankshaft. The rear end of the engine relies mainly on the engine oil to provide the appropriate oil temperature in order to maintain and prolong the life and performance of the engine.

Cooling Down

Modern engines of today are built smaller and expected to work like a horse. But while these are manufactured small and requiring less oil, it is expected for these engines to run at a higher revolution per minute (rpm). Hence, these engines are capable of producing more heat. Reason enough that maintaining the correct oil temperature is imperative as more is expected from the engine. Having engine oil coolers ensure that the maximum cooling system is provided to avoid restrictions in the flow of the engine oil. This prevents your engine from reaching a critical point. It is the best that you can do for your engine in order for it to have an extended life. It will avoid costly repairs, as well.

Types if Engine Oil Coolers

Generally, there are two types of engine oil coolers.

  • Tube and Fin Style Engine Coolers. This type is arranged in a manner that the engine oil is made to circulate around the cooler lines. As the engine heats up, they are released to the fins. These fins are the outer extensions that avoid the release of heat from being absorbed in the engine.
  • Stacked-Plate Engine Oil Coolers. There are plates that are orderly arranged in stacks. The oil passes through these stacks until the heat is released outside the plates. The downside with this cooling system is that the air moves slower from each plate making it less efficient than the other type. But to increase its capability, the manufacturers have increased the surface area of each plate to make it resemble like the tube and fin coolers.

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