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The Role and Developments of Clutch Housing

When it comes to powering an automobile, one of the essential factors that is frequently mentioned is the clutch system of the vehicle. This is not surprising at all because a vehicle's clutch system is the key to the transmission and the smooth handling on various road conditions especially on slippery surfaces. However, the surprising part is that many people seem to ignore the other half of the vehicle's clutch system: the clutch housing.

Clutch Housing
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What Is the Clutch Housing?

Being a very important part of a vehicle's operation, the clutch must have some form of protection especially from dust and grime that often accumulates in a vehicle's engine system. For this reason, the clutch housing has to be made of tough and heavy duty metal in order to make it withstand the very hot condition in the engine area. Moreover, aside from being durable, the clutch housing must also fit in perfectly into the area that also covers the flywheel and the clutch disk. Aside from protecting the clutch and all other parts nearby, the clutch housing also performs the following functions:

  • The clutch housing, in a way, plays the role of something where other parts are hinged to. For example, the flywheel is attached to it very tightly in order to keep it in place.
  • Clutch housing is necessary to create a high friction rate between the flywheel and the bossing system. This friction in turn moves the wheels, causing the vehicle to move.

What Are the Possible Damages to the Clutch Housing?

The possible damages that can befall on the clutch housing is essentially similar to what can happen to the other parts in the engine area such as the piston, the crankshaft, and the connecting rod. They all suffer from the high tension and pressure in the environment that causes them to become deformed. Although the clutch housing is usually made from heavy and dense metal, the result is just the same: it can yield to heat. As a result, it can become deformed, affecting the rotation of the flywheel. Aside from being deformed due to high tension, the following are the other damages that can happen to the clutch housing:

  • The clutch housing can also suffer from the wear and tear of the operation, which makes it less capable in terms of providing a hinge or secure attachment for the flywheel.
  • The clutch housing can also become deformed due to possible damage to the clutch lining, especially if the lining becomes too thin that the flywheel cuts into the housing itself.

What Are the Improvements on the Development of the Clutch Housing?

A major problem of the clutch housing is that it is made from heavy metals out of the need to provide better resistance to the high tension environment. One of the most promising developments in upgrading the quality of the clutch housing is to use titanium, with phosphate coated to it to have good friction to power the vehicle. Moreover, precision stamping is also done in order to mold the clutch housing so it fits perfectly.

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