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Bell Housing: Vital Part of Internal Combustion Engines

Because of the nature of internal combustion engines, there is always the need to make each individual part be secured in places to see to it that enough power is generated to move the vehicle. One such part that plays a great role to the realization of the function of an internal combustion engine is the bell housing. The term in itself is just a colloquial term used to refer to the part of the transmission system that covers the flywheel and the clutch and the other parts that convert torque into power as well as some transmission system parts. It got its name from the bell-shaped composition as necessitated by the arrangements of the internal parts that it holds together.

Bell Housing
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What Are the Functions of the Bell Housing?

The following are the functions of the bell housing:

  • The bell housing serves as a mounting for the starter motor.
  • The bell housing also helps the starter motor to engage the flywheel in the process of power generation.
  • It also serves as a mounting for the gearbox, connecting it directly to the engine
  • As mentioned above, the bell housing encloses other parts such as the clutch, the flywheel, and other parts of an internal combustion engine. As a result of this, there arises some confusion between bell housing and clutch housing. In general, the clutch housing is designed to enclose only the clutch and auxiliary system while the bell housing encloses more parts. In fact, the clutch housing is also housed within the bell housing.

What Are the Latest Developments in Bell Housing?

Before, bell housing was deprived of a built-in mechanism that allows them to adjust to the changes on the engine combustion. As a result, one of the major aims toward the development of the bell housing is to see to it that it is able to adjust by itself by detecting first any changes on its structures or on the parts it encloses. One of the latest developments in bell housing technology today are self-adjusting and heavy duty power take off assemblies that are designed specifically for internal combustion engines.

Some of its salient features include bell housing that is either air or water actuated and mounted to the flywheel of either a diesel or gasoline engine. This is made possible through pressurizing the cylinder to the point where the piston clamps to lock the friction and the steel discs. This technology is advantageous over the old ones for the following reasons:

  • It minimizes or eliminates slippages by making sure that the individual parts inside the bell housing exactly fits with the housing and the other parts they are attached to.
  • Despite being a new technology, the air or fluid actuated bell housing system retrofits with most existing twin discs and Rockford style PTOs.

If you are seeking to buy this newest bell housing technology for your vehicle, make sure to check on the reviews. The recognized top manufacturers of auto parts also have sites on the Internet complete with part descriptions, reviews, and phones especially those related to power and transmission systems.

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