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Engine Air Drier: Making Sure Your Engine Doesn't Get too Hot

Because of the nature of the operation of the engine of a vehicle, it is only a predictable result that overheating will likely occur. However, car owners are not concerned with degree of its occurrence. They are concerned with how to prevent the engine from overheating. This is important because it affects the life expectancy of the engine.

Engine Air Drier
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What Are the Causes Overheating the Possible Damages?

Although this is mainly a discussion on the role played by engine air drier, it will nonetheless help a lot if everyone is aware of the factors that can brought about engine overheating, which is the very reason why air driers have to be installed. The following are the common reasons for engine overheating:

  • Due to long hours of operation without relief. This is one of the most common dangers that trucks doing cross-country long hauls face. This is also one reason why vehicle manufacturers require their clients to have frequent stopovers during long travels.
  • Due to the intense heat from the natural environment. Engines are like humans. When they are exposed to hot environments, their resistance is minimized.
  • Due to lack of engine cooling system, specifically engine oils. Engine oils are not only intended to lubricate the internal part of an engine. It is also important to help lower the temperature in the engine. This is where the engine air drier can do its part in cooling down the engine.

What Is an Engine Air Drier?

An engine air drier is similar in function to your room air conditioner. It cools the environment or room to make it comfortable to the passengers. In the same manner that a room air conditioner cools a room, an engine air drier is also intended to cool the temperature of the engine. This is vital because if the engine is allowed to overheat to a certain point, it may become damaged and can sometimes be irreparable.

What Makes the Engine Air Drier Different from a Room Air Conditioner?

Essentially and in terms of their purpose, the two are the same. However, because an air drier has to operate in the confined space of the engine housing of a vehicle and not to mention that it sometimes has to counter extremely hot conditions in the engine compartment, it is decidedly smaller than an air conditioner. Usually, the cooling agent is placed on a single cylinder or two small cylinders that serve as the canister for holding the refrigerant.

How Does It Work?

Unlike a room air conditioner, the cooling effect of an engine air drier is achieved by making the air "dry" - hence the name. The rationale behind this is that dry air must be circulated in the engine compartment in order to minimize the presence of vapors, which can cause accelerated heating in the engine compartment.

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