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Windshield Wiper Motor: Keeping Your Windshield Clean

In driving conditions, a driver always wants to have the best road and climate conditions in order to drive safely. However, as experience would tell, conditions on the road are sometimes very far from what most drivers would want to have. Snow, sandstorm, rain, and even an occasional gusty blow of the wind can affect driving conditions. Thankfully, one of the basic implements of a car is the wiper.

Windshield Wiper Motor
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Untiring, wipers help keep your vision clear by providing you a clear line of sight even for just a split second of clearing. But although the windscreen wipers are important, the real heart of the device is the windshield wiper motor. Without the windscreen wiper motor, your wiper simply won't give you the benefit you enjoy today.

What Is a Windshield Wiper Motor?

Windshield wiper motor is no different from many of the bigger engines around. It essentially operates on the principle of input and output. With windscreen wiper motor, the input is an electrical energy that is fed to it from the car's battery or directly from the power generated by the car's engines (although the battery is the source in most cases). The output of your car's windscreen wiper motor is the to and fro motion of the wiper itself.

The main role of the windshield wiper motor is to provide power to the wiper. In most cars, wipers are provided only for the front windscreen. Although in some units, the rear is also provided with a wiper. In some vehicle models, the headlights are also provided with individual wipers, apparently to prevent dust from accumulating on the light's glass cover, which affects clarity of the light emitted. Although providing power to the wiper is the one role that many can readily associate the wiper motor to, there is another less-noble task of the wiper motor.

The windscreen wiper motor sets the position of the wipers in such a way that they will not obstruct your field of sight. This is why you will notice that even when you turn the wiper motor off while the wipers are halfway through its to and fro motion on the windscreen, it does not readily stop there but moves on until it settles in such a way that it will not obstruct your view. This is one role of the windscreen wiper motor that many people do not appreciate.

Problems with Windscreen Wiper Motor

The most common problem that a windscreen wiper motor encounters is that it is prone to stalling due to rusting. One sign of this is that wipers commonly settle and stop while still on the mid part of the windscreen.

Replacing Your Windscreen Wiper Motor

One important consideration that anyone planning to replace the windscreen wiper motor is to make sure that the power requirement of the new wiper motor is similar or the same to the power requirement of the old one, lest the car's battery may become strained. Moreover, because wiper motors vary in size and shape, one must make sure that the new motor fits precisely on the spot where the old motor was.

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