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ECM Anti Lock Brakes: Perfect Tool for Skid Prevention

Because a vehicle is made up of a motley of parts, the number of accidents that can result from malfunction of certain parts is too numerous to enumerate. One problem that drivers always fear because it commonly leads to fatal accidents is skidding, which happens when the wheels lock. As a result, some measure has to be done to ensure that skidding will not happen anymore. More important than just eliminating skidding is to totally eliminate the possibility of the situation that causes it to happen: eliminating locking of the brakes. To this end, the ECM anti lock brakes system was developed to provide better protection to automobile riders and to enhance the safety level for everyone riding motorized vehicles.

ECM Brakes and ABS
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What Is the ECM Brake?

The ECM is just one of the many new developments in enhancing the performance of automobiles. An ECM system stands for an Engine Control Module. It is basically a computer system that is installed on a vehicle. Its presence there is designed to minimize the load weight on the driver as well as to minimize accidents resulting from the lapses on the judgment of the driver. Because some of these lapses are purely accidental, computers were installed to better control the performance of the vehicle without any worry of possible lapses on the part of the driver.

The ECM anti lock brakes system is designed specifically to eliminate locking of the brakes and wheels, which is a common cause of accidents. The ECM anti lock brakes system was first introduced in 1971 by Chrysler and General Motors. Soon enough, other car manufacturers followed suit, sensing that this revolutionary design is very beneficial in terms of saving the lives of drivers and passengers alike of automobiles.

How an ECM Anti-locking Brake System Works

In ordinary vehicles, the possibility of wheels and brakes becoming locked is frequent. With an ECM system in place, the braking system is modulated during an emergency stop. As a result, ECM anti lock brakes ensure that the wheels do not lock. As a result, uncontrollable skidding is avoided.

There are also instances when one wheel rotates faster than the others. When this condition is allowed to continue, swerving, skidding, and locking are possible results, any of which is potentially fatal. Here, ECM anti lock brakes are also able to help because the ECM activates valves in the hydraulic braking system to lessen the braking force on the wheel to avoid skidding. This action alone is estimated to contribute to a 6 percent drop of non-fatal crashes in the United States.

The Future of ECM Anti Lock Brakes

Based on current and projected impact in the future, the ECM anti lock brakes system is likely to remain a dominant force in the automotive industry in the foreseeable future. Specifically, the ability to reduce incidents of locking wheels and brakes is already a major milestone in road safety. This is beneficial as it is revolutionary with the number of lives saved by the system.

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