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Transmission Oil Cooler: Keeping Overheating at Bay

One of the greatest problems that any motor vehicle faces is the problem of overheating. This is a dangerous situation because when it happens, the possible damages to the engines are sometimes too difficult to correct, often leading to irreparable damage to the engine. This is why an engine coolant is always a requirement in any motor vehicle, as it is one way to keep the temperature of the engine down and to avoid overheating. And when it comes to the aspect of providing coolant to the engine, nothing beats what a transmission oil cooler gives.

Transmission Oil Cooler
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What Is Transmission Oil Cooler?

In most motor vehicles today, the coolant is provided by the radiator where fluid is stocked. In most cases, water is stored in the radiator for cooling. The problem with this is that water ultimately becomes as hot as the environment where it is located, resulting to it becoming hot as well. When this happens, you get adverse effects particularly for the transmission system. Some of the negative effects of overheating are the following:

  • Engine oils and other fluids loss their ability to lubricate the parts properly.
  • Due to overheating, critical valves, springs, and seals also become damaged, causing costly damages.

Because water as a coolant is proven to be inefficient especially during long hauls and with a heavy cargo, a better substitute is desired. This is where a transmission oil cooler is particularly effective. A transmission oil cooler works in conjunction with the water coolant stored in the radiator. Moreover, unlike water, transmission oil cooler is not easily susceptible to overheating. This is because most transmission oil cooler comes with additives that make them better at dissipating heat.

Transmission Oil Cooler for the Engines

While it may sound impossible, your car actually has two cooling systems: the one for the engine through the fluid stored in the radiator and the other for the crankshaft, bearing, connecting rods, and pistons which is cooled through the engine oil.

The engine oil is very important because it cools more parts than the area covered by the radiator. This is why it must be thoroughly efficient. In most cases, the transmission oil cooler also comes with a variant that is specifically designed for the engine so the two system works in conjunction with one another.

Benefits of Using Engine Oil for Cooling

Amazing as it is, people are aware of the serious damages that can happen to their car's engine if they allow it to overheat. Sadly, many car owners do not follow the manufacturer's advice in regularly changing the coolant system to avoid overheating. Aside from saving your car from irreparable damages or at least from costly repairs due to overheating, the following are the benefits of keeping the engine and transmission's temperature down using the transmission oil cooler:

  • A longer engine life and smooth running operation
  • A significantly reduced heat load on the engine, radiator, and transmissions, which prolongs the life of engine and transmission parts

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