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Transmission Assembly: Torque and Power for Vehicles

The transmission assembly is an essential part of every vehicle especially on the aspect of providing power to the wheels in order to move the vehicle forward. It works much like with the torque converter in automatic transmission vehicles. However, in manual transmission vehicles, the transmission assembly is the heart and soul of the forward motion of the vehicle.

Transmission Assembly
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What Is Transmission Assembly?

A transmission assembly is also known as the gearbox assembly. As mentioned above, its main task is to convert the rotating power in the engine into a driving power to the wheels to move the vehicle forward. As an assembly, it is made up of various parts such as the drive train, the gearbox, the clutch assembly, and the differential and final drive shafts. In motor vehicles, the transmission assembly derives the power generated by an internal combustion engine.

Functions of the Transmission Assembly

Aside from providing driving power to the wheels, the transmission assembly is also important in slowing down the amount of power generated by an internal combustion engine to make the vehicle more maneuverable. Because an internal combustion engine operates at very high rotational speeds, it is inappropriate for operations at low speeds, like when starting and stopping. This is where a transmission assembly is important in providing torque as a means to counter the high rotational output of the engine to make the vehicle operational even when its speed is low.

Variations and Applications of Transmission Assembly

The following are the most common variants of the transmission assembly:

  • Simple transmission assembly is common and is used in applications where a simple change of angle causes changes in speeds. For example, in some mountain bikes, all it takes to increase the bite (and subsequently the speed) generated by each turn of the wheel is through an activation of a device, which will shift the gear of the bike.
  • In an automobile, the manual transmission assembly is also increasingly becoming common because it allows the driver to be in better control of the vehicle. This is due to the fact that a manual transmission assembly offers variable outcomes and the output of the engine is paired with the outcome through a simple manipulation of the gearbox.
  • Although manual transmission is still very popular, automatic transmission is fast becoming popular because of the fact that it eases up the workload on the driver. This is because automatic transmissions operate on a hydraulic system that detects the appropriate setting for a given workload and automatically decides when the optimum time to change workloads is. The main difference between manual and automatic transmission is in automatic transmissions, the system does not use the clutch anymore, depending instead on a fluid flywheel or a torque converter.

Choosing Between Automatic or Manual Transmission

Vehicles come in one of the two designs. However, it is not possible to change one to the other. But based on the opinion of many experts, an automatic transmission assembly is more desirable to a manual assembly primarily because the workload on the part of the driver is a lot less.

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