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Tandem Cut Off Drivetrain: The Power of Two

In many automotive vehicles, power is usually generated by a single engine. This engine is in turn attached to the transmission system as well as to the numerous other auxiliary parts that form the internal element of the vehicles. This includes the driveshaft, the crankshaft, the piston, the connecting rod, and many others.

Because there are certain vehicles that need to have more power to meet their operational demands, these vehicles are usually fitted with very powerful engines to help them meet the requirements. However, due to the limited space offered in the engine room, addition of power is not in the form of adding a second engine. It must come as a result of some modification. One such answer is the use of tandem cut off system.

Tandem Cut Off Drivetrain
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What Is Tandem Cut-off?

In automotives, the tandem cut off is the point where the piston strikes the inlet valve when the latter is closed. This is part of the combustion process and in the generation of power for the vehicle. However, because of damages and leakages, some of the power generated by the combustion process is dissipated and lost. When this happens, the power is not enough to move a vehicle forward. Moreover, it causes greater strain on the engine, which can also lead to other damages such as overheating and increased tension on the engine parts.

In simple analysis, a tandem cut off system is best represented by a tandem bicycle. Although power here is generated differently from automobiles, the same principles are at work in moving the bicycle forward.

What Are the Benefits of Using Tandem Cut Off?

The following are main advantages of using tandem cut off layout:

  • Greater engine and transmissions efficiency arising from the redundant activity of the tandem cut off system.
  • Prevents the engine and transmissions from easily overheating especially during very challenging terrain when the engine strains to generate enough power to get the vehicle moving.
  • Prevents of overheating of the engine and transmission resulting from continuous effort to supply the required power.
  • Prevents of leakage of fuel during the combustion process. The tandem cut off acts as a safeguard to avoid damages to engine parts.

The Future for Tandem Cut Off

Being a new concept especially in internal combustion engines, tandem cut off is a very expensive system. However, because of the perceived benefits that tandem cut off gives, especially to those vehicles that are frequently exposed to very tough requirements, tandem cut off sales are on the rise. However, this is not to say that the regular model is insufficient.

If you are planning to install a tandem cut off system on your vehicle, always make sure that the vehicle's system will be able to handle the new system. Because the tandem cut off is a relatively new concept, it is important to get the advice first of a professional mechanic in order to assess the need for the system on your vehicle. This will also save you from costly repairs arising from mismatching parts.

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