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Rear End Assembly: The Vehicle's Load Carrier

While a car or any other automotive for that matter is best appreciated when seen head-on from the front, the vehicle's rear end assembly completes the elegant finish of most automobiles. In many classifications, the rear end assembly refers not only to the car's rear bumper but also to the various axles and pinions that are installed beneath the chassis. While it is not common for car owners to install rear assemblies on their vehicles, this has become a common fare for hobbyists especially for those who want to transform their cars or pickups into some sort of a big foot configuration, which requires the addition of new parts attached to the rear of the vehicle. In some cases, the carrying capacity of the vehicle is expanded thus necessitating installation of rear-end assemblies. This is also true on trucks where a new lift gate is installed.

Rear End Assembly
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The Need to Install a Rear-end Carrier

There are various reasons why this is necessary, including any of the following:

  • Because the existing rear end assembly on your vehicle is already old or it is already showing signs of age or damage due to rust.
  • Because the present rear end assembly is already an old model and it is out of sync with the latest models of rear end assembly.
  • For trucks that are used for long hauls and heavy cargo, a new rear end assembly involving the loading area or a new truck lift gate may be required to allow the vehicle to cope with the exacting requirements. This is usually the case when a vehicle that was not designed for carrying a heavy load is forced to do so. This usually happens to vehicles owned by hauling corporations, which do long hauls with heavy loads not designed for their frames.

Installing Rear End Assembly

In the installation of a new rear end assembly, one can do so personally at home or bring the vehicle to a motor shop to have the assembly installed. Between the two, the latter is the most common method done by motor vehicle owners because it saves them a lot of money for the installation as well as benefiting from the expertise of professional auto mechanics.

If you chose to install the rear end assembly yourself, you must make sure that the parts are complete. For example, its installation usually requires several pairings of bolts and nuts. Therefore, the first consideration is to make sure that you have all these and in all sizes required for the complete installation of the assembly. Making sure that the bolts and nuts are complete is important especially for those who purchased the assembly without the accompanying bolts and nuts. This is because some rear end assemblies in the United States are sold without their bolts and nuts while others are sold complete, although it's in a knock-down kit, which the owner or the mechanic has to piece together.

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