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The Hub: Protection for the Power Source

When it comes to trucks and similar land vehicles, many people are generally ignorant or pay little attention to the drivetrain system, which powers the vehicles. Many see the vehicle as simply a single unit that runs. However, part of the need to maintain every vehicle requires constant monitoring of the state of the drivetrain including its hub.

The Hub
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What Is a Hub?

The drivetrain of any vehicle consists of the parts that generate power for the vehicle and is transmitted to an outer system, which powers the vehicle on land. The drivetrain, contrary to popular belief, is not a single unit but rather a system made up of various parts. Among others, it includes the engine, the transmission, the power take off, and gear shafts. Because it is entirely impossible to have all these in a single frame, they are placed in an area where they are provided some form of covering called the drivetrain hub or simply the hub.

The hub is very important in order to provide protection for the power system of the truck as well as to minimize the emitted heat. The kind of hub used on the power system differs according to the design of the truck itself. In long-noosed trucks, the hub is enclosed in light metal compartment, usually aluminum with an internal heat absorbent lining. The lining has to be heavy duty so as to absorb much of the heat that is key to the reduction of the temperature inside the drivetrain hub. In trucks with cab-over-engine designs, aluminum simply won't do because of the weight of the cab placed on top of it. Here, it is a must that sturdier metals are used and an even more effective heat-absorbent material is used to line the interior to minimize the heat that will enter the crew compartment.

Should I Replace My Drivetrain Hub?

This is one of the least asked questions in truck maintenance because the hub is something that is not easily worn down. Besides, even if it shows signs of fatigue, it can usually be remedied in many ways. Nonetheless, when the drivetrain system is vastly affected, it may be wise to consider replacing the hub.

In replacing the drivetrain hub, one must consider durability as the primary factor. Otherwise, because of the environment where it is in, it may be necessary to replace it more often than one deems it necessary. In the process of replacing the hub, the time it will take depends on one's expertise or familiarity with the hub especially on the areas where it is attached to the chassis. This may sound a plainly brutish task requiring only physical force, but careful planning and execution must also be exercised in order not to offset certain systems such as the wiring and the transmission system. On the other hand, if replacing the hub looks like a very imposing task for you, it will be better to have the job done by professional mechanics.

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