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ECM Transmission System: Providing Better Output

Because everything today is becoming computerized, even the world of automotives did not waste time in being a part of this movement. As a result, many of the automotive parts sold today are very far from their predecessors. With increasing computerization both in the operation of auto parts as well as in their production, the operation of automobiles have reached the point where they almost resemble human-like behavior, which is being able to think on their own and able to decide the optimum conditions for its operations.

ECM Transmission System
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One of the latest developments in auto parts and one that shows a lot of promise is the electronic control module, also known as the ECM. With the ECM in place, automobiles are more than just mechanical devices. They are also thinking on their own. A good proof of this is the ECM transmission system. This transmission system senses its environments with inputs on various data such as terrain, fuel, and climate.

Effects of ECM Transmission on the Vehicle

An ECM unit is essentially a computer that helps the engines and the transmission system play according to the conditions around. Because the system is able to sense inputs from its environment, an ECM transmission system is used by trucks that do long hauls in transcontinental hauling and those that frequently carry heavy cargo. Some of the benefits of an ECM transmission compared to manual or automatic transmission systems are:

  • Transmission gearing is automatically and accurately adjusted according to the power desired depending on the present terrain and traction of the wheels on the ground.
  • It regulates the output of the drive shaft and power shaft. This is important because the right setting is desired in order to see to it that the truck will be able to negotiate smoothly any type of ground.
  • The ability to put into consideration the environmental setting is one thing that sets the ECM system apart from all other transmission systems. One benefit of this is that it is able to compute how much time it will take at the present condition before the transmission or the engine itself overheats and how much it can continue to perform under the present condition.
  • An ECM system is able to tell the driver what is the best output or attitude in operating the vehicle in order to get the most in terms of savings on fuel, as well as the cooling system for the transmission.

Aside from all these benefits, it seems that there is no way that ECM transmissions are slowing down in the near future. As a matter of fact, upgrades and developments are as hectic as before. One further advance is the fact that the system is now also able to detect when parts are most likely to need repair if the present rate of use is continued.

Customizing the ECM

Most vehicles today are customized to fit the different needs of the user. Customizations would include a different turbocharger, intercooler, or the use of alternate fuel. This would require the use of customized ECM by programming it to fit the modifications of the vehicle.

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