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The Differential Gear Set and Its Importance

One of the most important parts of a vehicle is called the differential gear set. This part of your car or truck includes a pinion gear that more or less has a groove in the inner planar surface. This area of a vehicle refers to an arrangement of gear used in transmitting torque and rotation with the use of three shafts. The differential gear set is formed from an exterior circumference and that the pinion shaft from which the end is inserted into the groove, given that the end surface of the gear is facing the groove's inner surface and that the planar portion is shaped through the cutting off of one side of the exterior circumference.

The differential gear set consists of four gears that yield to the turning of the vehicle's wheels at the same angular velocity. However, this condition can yield to problems whenever the car or truck makes a turn. On the whole, the differential gear is mostly used in two ways such as receiving input and providing two outputs and combining two inputs so that it can create an output, which is the average or difference of the inputs.

Differential Gear Set
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Uses of Differential Gear Set

  • Apart from the ones mentioned above, the differential gear set is commonly used as rear end gears among cars, trucks, other self-powered vehicles, and industrial machinery that require perpendicular transmission of torque.
  • Differential gear set also has functions in power transmission such that the wheels of a vehicle can be driven at equal forces at the same time is enabled for rotation at different speed levels.
  • In particular, the rotational speed of the differential set is used when turning into corners. With the use of bevel bars, these differential gears can also make use of spur gears that are straight-sided along with the gear wheel axis.
  • Moreover, the use of epicyclic gearing is also common in today's modern world unlike the employment of spur gears in early models of automobiles. For instance, the Toyota Company has utilized the epicyclic gearing in its automotive so that torque would be applied asymmetrically. This type of differential gear set uses the advantage of being compact together with its length of axis or the sun gear shaft.

What Consist of the Differential Gear Set?

Now, you might be asking what those parts that complete a differential gear set are. Well, the normal set of differential gears in a vehicle includes the bevel gears, axles, shafts, and differential carrier. These parts are specified such that:

  • The bevel gears have straight teeth or spiral and curved teeth that are arranged to allow various axles to turn at ranging speeds.
  • Encased with a housing of the final unit, the spiral bevel pinion gear is driven by torque transmission from the end of the propeller shaft.
  • The crown wheel or the ring gear is attached to the pinion gear so that it can contain the cluster of four bevel gears against a perpendicular plane.

Using these pieces of information about differential gears, we can understand how vehicles operate and what can be done whenever problems arise.

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