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Carrier Assembly and Its Basic Functions

Apart from several assemblies that make up a functional vehicle is the carrier assembly. It is known to be enclosed in a small packaging envelope that makes the carrier assembly be utilized by a suspension system to deliver the intended suspension characteristics. The main purpose of a carrier assembly is to hold or enclose the differential housing where the pinion gears are encased and that can be found at the middle area of the axle on rear-wheel driven vehicles. Within the front-wheel-driven vehicle is the differential, which is located inside the transaxle.

Carrier Assembly
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There are different types of carrier assemblies. Some of the most commonly used are steel bed assembly and aluminum bed assembly. There are also other varieties of carrier assemblies used by vehicles today such as the tilt frame assembly, mounting assembly, and the wheel lift and slide-in tire restraint carrier assembly. Other forms of carrier assembly can also be found in car part shops and automotive parts manufacturers online.

What Are the Parts of a Carrier Assembly?

Just like all the assemblies found in a vehicle, the carrier assembly has its own specific parts that make up the whole assembly. The parts of a carrier assembly include the following:

  • A pinion gear that functions to receive driving input coming from a power source like the electronic or engine motor.
  • A ring gear that is driven by the pinion gear. It is paired to a differential that basically functions to differentiate between two different driving outputs. These driving outputs are arranged to make the wheels of a laterally spaced vehicle run.
  • A carrier housing that contains and acts as a protector of the integral parts of the carrier assembly, which are the ring gear, the pinion gear, and a differential through and internal housing cavity.

How Does a Carrier Assembly Function?

Apart from the numerous functions of a carrier assembly, it can function as part of an axle that is designed to be mounted to a vehicle with a separate suspension. Also, when buying a carrier assembly replacement, its size should be considered such that it will fit the carrier into its allocated space in the vehicle to keep the maximum width of the axle in harmony with the travel ranges of the wheel jounce. The wheel jounce is the vertical movement of an axle or a wheel, which is relative to a vehicle reference frame.

In vehicles with laterally spaced wheel ends, the carrier is attached to a sub-frame unit and is positioned in between the end wheels. The sub-frame meanwhile is attached to the chassis or the vehicle frame. To make each wheels move separately on its own, the upper and lower control arms are connected to the sub-frame unit where the carrier assembly is attached. Aside from allowing the wheel ends to move independently, this configuration would make the wheels' movement within the wheel jounce travel range.

Carrier Assembly Suppliers and Manufacturers

Some of the most reliable carrier assembly suppliers are not only found in your local automotive part dealers, they can also be reached online. Some of the carrier assembly suppliers are Lumisonix Enterprises Ltd. and Zhejiang Yahu Auto Parts Co. Ltd.

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