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Learn More about Your Truck's Axle Shaft

Each part of a vehicle is important to make it run smoothly and accident-free. Whenever you see a car running, you are actually witnessing several assemblies working together to deliver a perfect and comfortable ride. One of these assemblies is the axle assembly; it also has a number of parts that work together to perform its expected functions. One of these integral parts is the axle shaft. An axle shaft holds a very important function in a vehicle's operation. It is responsible for balancing and transferring torque or power from the transmission to the wheels and to the tires.

How Does an Axle Shaft Work?

To deliver its expected functions, the axle shaft is connected to the transaxle of the vehicle at one end, and on the other end it is connected to the wheel hub assembly. To reduce stress on the shaft and allow it to bend for the vehicle to freely turn left or right, there are two flexible joints on each axle shaft that are placed for this purpose. But eventually through regular use, the boot protecting the joints will give in, making the grease leak out and the joints to grind. When you notice your grease leaking, it is a signal that you need to replace you axle shaft immediately.

What Are the Functions of Axle Shaft?

An axle shaft holds a very vital role in terms of making the vehicle run. It supplies power from the transmission and differential gears to the tires and wheels. Because the driving control and steering are among the basic functions of the front tires, the axle shaft needs to be at its perfect condition and should be reliable for continued enjoyable riding experience.

To understand further how the axle shaft functions, you should know how its name was derived. The shaft functions in conjunction with the axles. The axles balance and transfer bending moment, while shafts balance and transfer power. These two parts can function interchangeably, the axle can function the functions of the shaft while a shaft can also balance and transfer bending moments. Because of the versatility of these parts, they were referred as one and called the axle shafts.

Truck's Axle Shaft
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Technical Description of an Axle Shaft

The axle shafts are also called halfshafts. They are located on both differential sides and transmit power to the front wheels and tires. Each axle shaft has a metal shaft with two joints. One of the joints is connected to the tire end, while the other joint is connected to the differential end. To make your vehicle function perfectly, the lengths of these two axles should be the same to provide a smoother driving advantage. For one, having two axles would afford balance to the vehicle and eliminate problems in the steering wheel during acceleration. With two axles in your vehicle, it would make your axle assembly of fewer parts but with maximum driving ability.

Axle Shafts Manufacturers and Suppliers

You can find several axle shaft manufacturers and suppliers online. You just have to be sure that you would be getting your parts from reputable manufacturers to get quality axle shafts that could deliver their functions perfectly.

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