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Finding the Rear Axle Assembly for Your Truck

The general purpose of a rear axle assembly when it comes to trucks is to basically support the weight of the truck and to keep the wheels at the back in the proper alignment needed for proper driving and steering. The rear axle assembly of a truck can also be used to help drive the vehicle when the vehicle is either a four-wheel drive vehicle or a rear wheel drive vehicle. In this case, the rear axle assembly does more than just support the vehicle's weight but actually controls the speed of the vehicle as well. Rear wheel drive trucks are propelled forward with the help of a driveshaft that runs to the back of the vehicle where the rear axle assembly is found.

Rear Axle Assembly
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Different Structural Features of Rear Axles

There are a lot of different kinds of rear axle assembly being used by many different trucks. Usually, these depend on the makers of these trucks. The basic truck rear axles you will find being used by trucks include the straight axle and the tandem axle.

A straight axle is essentially the kind of axle that is used for supporting heavy loads, which makes them ideal for use with trucks. These can be further reinforced with the use of the axle housing. The tandem axle is used with most semi trailer trucks since these provide added support to the rear of the truck and these are made with a couple or more axles situated near each other.

Detecting Problems with Your Rear Axle Assembly

One of the ways you can tell if your rear axle assembly needs to be repaired or replaced is to listen to it. Another way is to feel how your vehicle moves when you drive it. When your truck begins to emit a grinding and whirring noise from underneath and in the direction of the rear of the truck, chances are that your rear axle assembly is in need of repair or a replacement. You will also notice that your vehicle is not running the way it usually does or it should. You will need to check your rear axle assembly for problems and have the individual parts like the gears changed or even have the entire rear axle assembly replaced.

Where to Find Rear Drive Axle Assemblies for Your Truck

Some people try to find the right rear axle assembly for their trucks by going to parts sellers that can sell them brand new parts that come from the same manufacturers of their trucks. This is a good idea if you have enough money for such a thing but if you are trying to replace the rear axle assembly of an older model truck or a used truck, you might do well to visit a salvage yard near you for the part that you need.

There are a lot of yards that communicate with other yards in other states by means of the Internet or by phone. You will find that the part you need to repair your truck with, which in this case is a rear axle assembly, can be easily obtained at a lower cost from another salvage yard that can ship this part to your friendly neighborhood salvage yard in a matter of days.

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