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Windshield Glass: Your Truck Cannot Live Without

One of the more important safety features that your truck cab has is the windshield. The windshield glass is basically the framed plane of glass that is secured to the front window of your truck. The windshield's primary function is to help keep the driver and the passengers of the truck safe from the wind that blows at them from the front of the vehicle. This plate of glass basically helps make driving the truck easier and safer.

Windshield Glass
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While this part of the vehicle may be called a windshield glass, this plate of glass is not actually made of pure glass but is made with one type of auto glass called laminated safety glass. This kind of glass is made with a combination of glass plates and vinyl or plastic, which makes it safer should accidents happen since this kind of glass does not shatter and fly off in small pieces that can cause injuries.

How Windshield Glass Is Made

If you are wondering how this kind of glass is made, then wonder no more. The creation of this glass is rather simple. It begins with two sheets of glass and a thin sheet of vinyl that is then heated and pressed together to form the safety glass that is needed for windshields. To do this and to get the necessary curve and shape that you see on truck windshields, these components are pressed together in what is called an autoclave. The way this glass is manufactured makes it more resistant to impacts than regular kinds of glass and when this glass breaks, the pieces do not fall or fly off but rather, these adhere to the vinyl or plastic even in its shattered form.

Other Basic Truck Windshield Glass Facts

Here are some basic facts about truck windshields and windshield glass:

  • Some people wonder why it is important to replace a cracked or broken windshield. Since the windshield of your truck is put there for a few reasons, namely to keep the wind from hitting you in the face as you drive, to minimize the drag of the vehicle for fuel efficiency, and to actually help keep you in the vehicle should a collision occur, it is then important that you replace broken or cracked windshields.
  • Did you know that windshields actually help with keeping the truck cab's structural integrity? These days, with the stronger kinds of windshields that are being used on vehicles, it has been seen that windshields actually help keep your truck's cab from getting crushed or compacted in a rolling crash.
  • The glue that helps keep your windshield in place is actually another safety feature that helps keep you safely within the confines of your truck's cab should an accident occur. The glue that is used on your windshield glass is able to withstand 500 PSI of pressure.
  • When you need to replace your truck's windshield, always make sure that the windshield being used to replace the damaged one is the right one for your truck and the primers and urethane used to secure the glass to your truck is OEM approved. Also, make sure that the person doing the job is a well-trained technician who can provide you with an installation that is almost as good as one that was done in the factory.

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