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Does Your Truck Really Need a Tailgate?

One of the parts of your truck that you find you might want to replace, change, or customize is the tailgate. What exactly is a tailgate, where is it located on your truck, and what does it do?

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The tailgate is actually located at the rear of the vehicle and is the part of the truck that is swung open or lowered with the use of hinges to facilitate the loading and unloading of materials from the vehicle. Tailgates on trucks can be easily replaced with the same kind of tailgate if these are damaged, or they can actually be replaced with custom-made tailgates that you can have fabricated for you or you can purchase from custom tailgate makers.

Different Types of Tailgates

While the tailgate that your truck has is often made with the same material that your truck's body is made of, there are a lot of different kinds of tailgate that you can use on your truck to make it serve whatever purpose you want it to serve or for your truck to simply stand out and be different from those like it. Some of the more popular tailgates that some truck owners use on their own vehicles include the following:

  • Airflow tailgates that are made with the use of stainless steel, chromed steel, or painted mesh
  • Louvered tailgates can come in a variety of designs, which include v-gate designs, flowthrough designs, and straight louvered designs.
  • Net design tailgates are also pretty popular among truckers and can come in v-gate and straight designs as well.
  • Fifth wheel tailgates are also available for you to install on your trucks should you feel the need for a solid anchor for your trailers and RVs when you hook it up to your truck.

Truck Tailgate Dent Repair Tips

When you find that it is necessary for you to repair your truck's tailgate due to a dent that was caused by a minor collision or accident, here are some basic DIY tips you can follow:

  • First, you will need to assess the damage by opening and closing the tailgate to see if there is more to the dent on the tailgate than you see. Sometimes the impact can cause the hinges of your tailgate to become damaged as well. If the tailgate does not open with ease, there is a possibility that the hinges need to be replaced or repaired as well. If the tailgate won't align properly despite your efforts to do so by shifting it into place with a little force, you may need to replace the hinges before you can take care of the dent.
  • Before you start your repair work on the dent that is found on your truck tailgate, you will first need to remove the trims and you will need to work from behind the dent. Slowly knock out the dent with the use of a panel beating kit and work out the dent from one side to the other. Do not begin in the middle of the dent.
  • You will then need to prepare the dent for further work by removing the paint on the dent with the use of a sander with a P80 grit disk, apply filler and hardener over the dent and sand smooth with the same sander once dry. Finish the repair with paint.

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