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Why Your Truck Needs a Sleeper Fairing

A lot of trucks that haul cargo across many cities and states often have to travel long hours to get to their destinations. With laws that state drivers have to get 10 hours of off time or rest for every 11 hours of work or being on the road, it has become rather imperative that a sleeper area be available to them for such trips. When a truck is modified to include a sleeper extension added to it, chances are, you will also need a sleeper fairing to cover the lower section of this extension to help with making the vehicle aerodynamic for fuel efficiency.

Sleeper Fairing
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Why Put a Sleeper Fairing on Your Sleeper Cab

The reasons why owners of trucks that have been modified to include a sleeper cabin install sleeper fairings include reasons that are both practical and aesthetic. Installing a sleeper fairing on your sleeper cab is often considered a wise move since the covering that extends all the way to the bottom of your truck with the use of these fairings means that the air will flow around your truck better, making it more aerodynamic and more fuel efficient.

When it comes to aesthetic purposes, imagine having a truck with a sleeper cab added to it and an empty space underneath it or between the cab and the sleeper unit itself. Won't this make your truck look odd or incomplete? The use of the sleeper fairing installed on your truck makes it look better and gives it the kind of whole and complete look that you often expect of such trucks. You can have these fairings painted the same color as your truck to give it that solid look you want.

Sleeper Fairing Basics

What are sleeper fairings made with and what other uses do these have aside from making your truck more fuel efficient due to the aerodynamics of these additions to your truck and the aesthetic quality it has? Here are some basic facts about sleeper fairings:

  • Sleeper fairings are actually used to connect your truck seamlessly with the sleeper cab to make the sleeper part of your truck appear as if part of the original cab. It is also sometimes added to the rear of your sleeper cab for added aerodynamics.
  • There are actually a couple of types of sleeper fairings that are used for your truck and these are the side fairings and the bottom fairings. The side fairings make your truck cab and sleeper cab look like one whole unit or help make it more aerodynamic while the bottom fairings cover the bottom part of the truck to make it look better and to make it more aerodynamic.
  • The bottom sleeper fairing often have steps or ladder-like grooves integrated into their design. This is to help with the mounting and dismounting of the driver from his sleeper cab should there be a different door for this at the rear of the sleeper cab.
  • These sleeper fairings are often made with the usual materials that are used for making fairings with and these include stainless steel, aluminum, fiberglass, or carbon fiber. These are often custom made to fit the size and length of your truck's cab and sleeper cab extension.

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