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Get Some Rest on the Road with Your Truck Sleeper

What is a cab sleeper and what is it used for? A cab body is actually a cab extension that is crafted for your truck cab, and this is often custom made to suit your needs. While sleeper cab extensions these days offer a lot of comfort and even luxury for some truck drivers, this wasn't so in the past.

Sleeper Truck
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Sleepers were first developed as an 18- to 24-inch cab extension that offered nothing more than an area for someone to simply lie down and sleep in. These sleeper areas soon grew in size as truckers who drove long haul trips started to request better sleeping quarters for their use on these long trips. It wasn't long before the sleeper became a small RV type unit connected to the cab of the truck and offered truckers all the amenities they needed for a comfortable life on the road.

Why Get a Truck Sleeper Cab

There are a number of reasons why truckers often consider getting a truck sleeper cab for their trucks, and most of these have to do with convenience and saving money as well as earning more money. A lot of truckers are now running their own businesses and are now called owner-operators. This means that they can haul goods at cheaper rates than big-name carriers, and they use their own rigs to do this. To save up on expenses like motels for sleeping and such, truck owners-operators now sleep in their trucks with the help of sleeper cabs. The use of these sleeper cabs also help truck drivers get back on the road as soon as the required 10 hours of rest for every 11 hours of work is logged in. With the use of a sleeper cab, a person can work 365 days a year, logging in sleeping time every 11 hours on the road, and making the most of their truck by almost living in it while hauling stuff for other people all over the country with their rigs.

Usual Custom Features of Truck Sleeper Cabs

While most truck sleeper cabs are made basically for sleeping and often have a comfortable bed or bunk for you to rest in after a long day of driving, there are a lot of sleeper cabs that are literally homes on wheels behind the driver's seat of your truck's cab. Some of these customized sleeper cabs have amenities like a toilet and a shower, a comfortable bedroom-style area with full-sized bed, a kitchen area, with microwave oven, and refrigerator, a dinette set, and even a television. You may even find some of these sleeper cabs fitted with cabinets for both the sleeping area and the kitchen area. Some people order custom-made sleeper cabins for their trucks, and these can range in size from 132 inches to a sizable 300 inches long from the back of the driver's seat. These bigger sleeper cabs are essentially homes on wheels and where a lot of these drivers and even their wives at times live for most of the year while they drive around the country making money with hauling.

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