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Side View Mirror: A Must-Have for Every Truck

One of the more familiar parts of a vehicle, and one that you should never do without is a side view mirror. These small yet very important reflective devices actually help you with your safety and a whole lot of other things. Side view mirrors are often made to work well with the kind of truck that it goes with. Therefore, when you find yourself needing new side view mirrors for your truck, you will need to get side view mirrors that are made specifically for your truck type or model or you will need to get a pair that is compatible with your vehicle. Side view mirrors are important to trucks, especially trucks that are used for towing purposes, because these are what offers the driver a view of the back of the truck and the trailer since the view from rear window of the truck's cab is often obstructed by the trailer being pulled behind it.

Side View Mirror
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Options for Some Truck Side View Mirrors

Depending on the kind of truck that you have and depending on the manufacturer of this truck, you will find that some of the side view mirror choices you get can come with certain features that you may or may not like. These options and features usually come with the vehicle package and cannot be added onto your chosen vehicle without certain difficulties since these may come with wiring and mounting problems that can cost you a lot or be too tedious and difficult to make. Some of these options and features that you might get with side view mirrors on some trucks include electric adjustment features, automatic adjustment features, heating options to keep these mirrors from fogging up, turn signal indicator options, and puddle lights.

Special Side View Mirrors for Trucks

Some trucks require the use of special side view mirrors that are called towing mirrors, and these are used to help when a truck needs to tow large trailers. With the use of standard side view mirrors, a truck cannot obtain a safe view of the other lanes from a certain distance. In the past, trucks often had fixed tow mirrors attached to the cab. These days however, drivers benefit from the use of retractable extending tow mirrors that they can pull into the truck's cab when not in use.

Adjusting the Side View Mirror of Your Truck

When adjusting the side view mirror of your truck, you will need to follow these tips:

  • When you adjust the mirror on the driver's side, sit in the driver's seat. With your head against the cab's window, start pulling in the mirror toward you. Stop doing this as soon as you see a sliver of the truck visible on the right side of your mirror.
  • Sit properly in the driver's seat and start pulling the top of the mirror down until you can see part of the road behind the truck in it, specifically the part that you cannot see with your peripheral vision.
  • Repeat the same procedure with the passenger side mirror but start doing this with your head located in the middle part of your cab.

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