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Understanding the Need for a Side Fairing

What is a side fairing on a truck and what is it used for? A truck side fairing is actually an installation you put on your truck's cab to help make it more aerodynamic or to help reduce the drag that your vehicle creates as it runs. With the use of such aerodynamic and smoothening additions to your truck's cab like these fairings, you will find that fuel efficiency is increased due to the reduced drag that results from these additions. Most of the time, when you are trying to make your truck cab aerodynamic, you will need to install more than just side fairings to your truck cab. You will essentially need to install a roof fairing as well, aside from the side panels that are made to help cut the drag from your vehicle.

Side Fairing
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Why Install Side Fairings?

While some truckers think that side fairings and roof fairings are nothing but an added expense, there are those who believe in the savings that these can give them in terms of fuel efficiency. This is due to the reduction of the drag that often causes a truck to become less fuel efficient.

Another reason why people decide to install side fairings is to make their trucks look good with the extended shape that these fairings give it and the customization options that these fairings give them as well.

What Are Side Fairings Made Of?

When you decide to reduce the drag of your truck by installing side fairings and roof fairings, you will need to find the right kind of fairings for your truck. The fairings that you use on your truck are usually made specifically for your truck make and model so that it will fit real well and reduce the drag effectively. Most of the time, you will find that these fairings are made with the use of fiberglass or carbon fiber since these are the easiest to mold and create fairings with. You will also find that there are manufacturers of these fairings that make these from other non-corrosive materials like stainless steel and aluminum or a combination of all three materials to give you a durable and effectively aerodynamic cab attachment.

Customizing Your Fairings

After you have chosen your side fairings and roof fairings for your truck, you can actually choose to customize these afterwards with a paint job that matches that of your truck. Or you can also choose to have this painted with wonderful-looking designs that can make your truck look a work of art. You can have these fairings customized the way you want, and you can even add other features to these fairings to make them look more attractive and more useful to you and your business. For example, there are certain companies that make these fairings with backlit logo lights. These often go on the roof fairings that are attached to the side fairings of your cab. These backlit logo signs and logo lights can be used to advertise your company and your fleet. These fairings can also be used to advertise other things and can be rented out to those who want to use these spaces. This can be done with the help of what is called "rolling billboards".

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