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Muffler Shield: Protecting You and Your Muffler

Also called a muffler heat shield, muffler shields are used to help keep people from hurting themselves should they accidentally touch the muffler that surrounds or covers the exhaust system of their truck. This muffler shield is often made with the use of materials that can help keep the heat away from people who might accidentally find themselves near this part of the truck and these materials often include insulating barriers made of ceramic and foil. These are combined in flexible mat-like items that you can easily wrap around your truck's muffler to help keep people from burning themselves on the hot muffler and exhaust system while keeping the muffler protected from scratches and damages as well.

Muffler Shield
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Other Muffler Shields

Aside from the muffler shield that you find covering the muffler that covers the exhaust pipe of your truck, you should also know that trucks that do not have visible exhaust pipes and mufflers also use heat shields. Those trucks that have mufflers and exhaust systems located under the cab often use muffler shields made out of sturdier and more solid material to serve multiple purposes.

One of the purposes for these muffler shields that are used on mufflers and exhaust systems located under the truck's cab is to help keep your cab from heating up due to the heat that comes from your exhaust and muffler. These heat shields are often made with highly reflective material that reflects the heat back into the muffler and exhaust system, keeping those on the outside protected from this heat.

Making Your Own Muffler Shield

A lot of people usually buy muffler shields that are made from a combination of materials that are put together to help keep heat away from people and from the cab of your truck, like those made with a combination of ceramic, mylar, and stainless steel mesh. You can actually install this yourself if you are skilled enough to do so. Just make sure that when you do install these heat shields yourself that you have all the necessary tools needed for the job and you do this after your muffler and exhaust system has cooled down. If you want, you can actually make your own muffler shield with the use of cheap aluminum products you find at home center stores near you. Here is what you do to make a muffler shield for mufflers that are found under your truck's cab:

  • You will first need to purchase a couple of aluminum signs that will fit well enough over your muffler.
  • You will also need an insulation mat of the same size or a fiberglass cloth, like those used for boat repairs, to sandwich in between these two aluminum signs.
  • Cut out flanges on all four corners of the two aluminum sheet and fold these flanges in on the first sheet of aluminum. Place the fiberglass cloth on top.
  • Place this on top of the other sheet of aluminum and fold the flanges on this second sheet to hold the fiberglass cloth and first aluminum sheet securely to make a muffler shield.
  • Secure this under your cab, in between the muffler and the cab floor, with the use of drilled or punched holes and nuts and bolts.

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