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Grilles to Help Suck in Air for a Slicker Look and Cooler Intakes

One of the things that a lot of people who own trucks like to do is to change their truck grilles to make their trucks look unique and different from others like it. What is a truck grille and what is its use? A grille is defined as metal or some other material used as a divider or decorative element on the front part of an automobile or vehicle. It is also defined as a grating that is found on the front of your vehicle which lets in air to help cool down the automobile's radiator.

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Basic Information on Grilles

Did you know that grilles are actually found on other areas of your vehicle and not just in front of your radiator? Grilles can actually be classified according to their mounting location and the grilles that can be found on your truck include the radiator grille, bumper skirts grilles, fender grilles, hood scoop grille, and roof grilles. These grilles can be purchased from manufacturers that have these parts made for certain vehicles or from manufacturers that could custom build these for you. When it comes to aftermarket grilles, there are two basic styles:

  • OEM or factory style. These are those grilles that are made in the exact image of the grilles that are found on your vehicles or are replicas of the ones that truck makers manufacture for their trucks.
  • Custom. These are those grilles that you have made especially by custom makers for your truck and these can come in a wide variety of styles, designs, and materials used.

Grille Material Types and Grille Designs

Truck grilles can actually be made with the use of a variety of materials and in a variety of designs. Here are some of the materials and designs used for truck grilles:

  • ABS Plastic. These are produced with the use of casting and are often used by a lot of manufacturers when it comes to producing OEM replacement grilles. These are often less expensive to use but are considered very fragile when compared to the other materials used for making grilles.
  • Aluminum or Billet. These are often made with what is called billet or aircraft grade aluminum and is sometimes made with the use of a CNC machine or Computer Numerical Controlled machine, which crafts the grille out of a whole sheet of aluminum.
  • Mesh. Made from stainless steel and is sometimes zinc-plated or electro-polished to give it a high luster. These can also be finished in white or black powder coating or finished in silver.
  • Tubular Inserts. These are made with stainless steel and are often installed over existing truck grilles. This often gives your truck that tough look.
  • Overlay Inserts. These are often made with stainless steel and can be made in custom designs that you can even have a professional artist design for you. These are often used by those people who want a really unique grille design for their truck.

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