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The Front End Assembly: Expanding the Safety Features of a Truck

The front end assembly in every truck is something that many truck owners or drivers usually take for granted as just an ordinary party of the machine. This is a pity because the front end assembly is actually a lot more important and beneficial than people give it credit for. Among the reasons why the front end assemble is useful are the following:

  • The main function of the front end assembly is that it is used for attaching components to the front end of the truck. These parts include additional headlights, fog lamps, signal lights, and others related to drivers of vehicles coming from the opposite lanes of the presence of the truck. In the case of long-noosed trucks, these components are very vital mainly because of the reduced visibility of the driver, thus making additional lighting for night travel very important.
  • In trucks where the cab has very limited space, the front end assembly is used as storage for spare truck parts, bolts and nuts, and some tools. Extra tires are often seen suspended from beneath the assembly.
  • The front end assembly is also used to reinforce the front part of the vehicle. This is important in both long-noosed cabs and in cab-over-engine designs. The rationale is that any object that will hit the front of the truck will hit the assembly first. This protects the engine compartment as it is the part that is most likely to be damaged first in the event of an airborne or loose particle hitting the front of the truck.

The Front End Assembly
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Should I Modify My Cab Body's Front End Assembly?

In most cases, the cab bodies of trucks come with their own front end assembly. However, most of these front end assembly types were produced with ideas culled during meetings and what experts expect the truck to encounter on the road. As experience would reveal, many of these front end assembly types were found to be wanting more modifications both in their structure and in their toughness. Which brings the question of whether it is wise to buy a new front end assembly or stick it up with the old one?

When facing these questions, one must base decisions on the following factors:

  • Additional features. If one is to spend extra money by replacing the old front end assembly, one must see to it that the new one has features not found on the old one. Additional features that buyers commonly look for are additional lamp canisters and provisions for the holding of tools and some spare parts.
  • Durability. Many new trucks have their front end assembly made from aluminum. Known for being lightweight, aluminum nonetheless gives up too much in terms of strength. This is why titanium and other alloys are very popular because they have the same lightness as aluminum but are far more durable.
  • Lightness. Lightness is also a major issue because the front end assembly has to be attached to the truck's undercarriage, which means that a heavy material will cause a lot of strain to the cab body's chassis.

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