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Fender Extension: Doing More Than Just Making a Vehicle Attractive

Every vehicle has a fender. It is the panel that is located just above the front wheel. Although it is not that significant to a vehicle, it must not be taken for granted because it is as important as all the other parts. It constrains the road splash when the vehicle is running at speed.

Fender Extension
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What It Does

Attached to the fender are the fender extensions. Many people think that these are simply attached to beautify a vehicle. In reality they are also useful in brushing aside road debris and dirt from getting into the vehicle's exterior body. The fender extension is placed in the part of the vehicle that guards it from mud or splashing water. It can also serve to get rid of any obstruction that gets in the path of the vehicle. Sometimes they also act as a cushion, which reduces the shock in times of collision. The fender extension panel is used to cover about half of the tire, but they are removable so that whenever a tire needs to be replaced, the wheels can be easily accessed.

More Than Just Appeal

The fender extensions are of several types depending on the type of vehicle model. For every car type, a specified fender extension is needed in order that it fits perfectly and for it to be able to attain how it is expected to deliver. Ideally, the fender is made in such a way that it would extend around the vehicle's wheel going all the way to the ground until maximum coverage is attained. But with this type, it can be hard to get the wheel out in case that you get a flat tire. This is why fender extensions used are those that hang straight down. It allows easy removal of the wheel. Usually the fender extension should be extending straight down giving a few inches of pavement for the wheel. This extra length provides greater protection from the front wheel spray. Sometimes, the fender extensions would just be attached with a duct tape or small nylon bolts.

Advantages of a Fender Extension

Having a fender extension can be advantageous to your vehicle in a way that:

  • It protects your vehicle from the mud, rocks, stones, debris, and other road specks that can cause some dents to your vehicle.
  • It prevents the tires from being sprayed with water while driving in the rain.
  • Having a wide or an over-sized tire affects the paint of the vehicle. But having a fender extension protects the vehicle's paint from the rock chips that might be thrown onto the vehicle.
  • Fender extensions are designed to defy and withstand extensive temperature range so that it can stand the rain and it is also protected against the heat of the UV rays.
  • It adds a new and a more attractive look to your vehicle. Aside from the fact that it can hide an unpleasant tarnish that has developed above the wheel wells, it can make your vehicle look even more appealing with its assortment of colors and finish.
  • It legalizes your vehicle. There are areas that have legal hassles with vehicles having large tires. Having a fender extension, you can extend your tire coverage from 2-inches to 6-inches. With this, you can install about any set of tires.

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