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Fender: For Security and an Added Appeal

As the tire spins over the ground, mud and other sticky materials usually adhere to the outer smooth tire surface while stones and other loose objects could be temporarily embedded in the tire's tread groove. At high velocity, when the tire transmits kinetic energy to those objects attached to it, these materials are ejected and thrown out from the tire surface. A vehicle moving forward has the tendency to throw objects into the air because of the upward and forward rotation of the tire.

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Protecting the Vehicle and More

When you hit the road, you also need to protect your wheels and tires and other people and vehicles. Thrown objects can damage other vehicles and worse can hurt pedestrians in front of the vehicle-but this can be prevented by the fender. It also keeps away the dirt and dust from the front braking system and the wheel.

The fender is the automobile body part that frames the wheel, the purpose of which is to prevent mud, sand, liquids, rocks, and other road spray from being thrown by the rotating tire. Fender is a U.S. English term. It is called wing in British English, while in Britain, it is simply called mudguard as it guards the road users from mud and other objects thrown up and sprayed by the wheel. Typically, fenders are rigid and could be damaged upon contact with the surface of the road such that flexible mud flaps are used instead, which are placed closer to the ground where there is frequent contact.

The Fender Panel

Most automobiles have four fenders or one fender for each wheel. Trucks can have more than four fenders depending on the size and the capacity that it holds. It is a sheet metal assembly that you will find at the sides of the vehicle, hanging out just between the bumpers and the doors that house the wheel and tire. The fenders may be incorporated with the front fascia, or it can also be seen as a stand-alone panel. If a front-end collision does occur, the engine is kept protected as the edges of the fender bends. Fender in wide body vehicle may not be directly visible since it shapes the wheel well that surrounds the tire in contrast to a narrow car body where the fender is exposed, curving over the top of the equally exposed tire. It allows a bigger opening to fit in and accommodate bigger wheels and tires as in the case of commercial trucks.

Refurbishing the Fenders

Fenders are not only designed as a safety feature, but they can contribute to the truck's visual and sleek appeal and to the overall design of the vehicle. There are various types and styles of fenders as well as fender accessories. Some truck owners give great consideration in terms of enhancing the appearance of their vehicle, and this includes installation of custom fender panels. Fender trim, fender skirts, and fender flares can also be added to give the body of the truck additional protection from splashes and road debris.

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