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Back Glass: An Essential Part for a Safe Ride

One of the most crucial component of a truck or any automobile for that matter is the back glass since it serves as an important protection for the occupants when there is an accident. Auto glass is generally manufactured to withstand crash and impact after thorough testing. There are actually two types of safety glass: the tempered glass and the laminated glass.

Back Glass
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The Tempered Glass

The back glass of your truck must be a toughened glass, a glass that have been treated and processed with chemicals or heat to greatly increase its strength. If you want to be safe inside your truck, then you need strong and thermal-resistant back glass. When tempered glass is broken, it crumbles and breaks into small cuboids pieces that are less likely to cause injury compared to shard fragments. It would take a great deal or a strong force to break a tempered glass since it is known for its durability and extreme resistance to impact. It is therefore less dangerous in cases of accidents and human impact, which is why is typically used for back glass and the side windows of trucks and cars.

The Laminated Glass

Another type of safety glass would be the laminated glass, which unlike the tempered glass does not break into tiny pieces when broken but holds together. The interlayer of glass and polyvinyl butyral or PVB is responsible in keeping the glass in place. If the impact is not too strong to completely pierce the glass, it merely shatters into a characteristic "spider web" cracking pattern. This type of back glass has undergone through heat and cold processing to carefully seal the glass and the plastic, usually PVB, together.

Accessorize the Rear Glass

For extra privacy and protection, you can have the back glass tinted. A tinted back glass also helps in keeping the vehicle cool during summer and warm when winter comes. Tinted windows also prevent fogging during cold season because of the tint's insulation value. If you want to be cool and bolder, you can also customize your truck's back glass and try the newest craze these days: vinyl graphics. Rather than tinting the back glass, you can use a see-through back glass decal. This is also a great way to promote your business if you are into one, transforming the back space into a rolling billboard. You get to be cool and at the same time save yourself from advertising expense.

Opting to Be Safe

The problem with welding these sheets to form the steel tanks that you are having made can actually produce poisonous gases due to the removal of the mill galvanizing that is brought about by the welding process. When choosing between corrugated stainless steel plates and flat steel that are used for making the stainless tank body, you should take into consideration that corrugated stainless tank body that are made with the use of riveting can only reach 144,000-gallon capacities while a flat stainless tank body can reach 2 million gallons as its maximum capacity.When you are heading down the road, the layer of glass in front of you and your back is the only thing that divides you and a number of potentially dangerous impacts. It is therefore very important that your truck is installed with auto glass that is made by the best manufacturers since your life greatly depends on it. The type of safety front and back glass used on trucks is the company or maker's choice, and it is now up to you to have them replaced if you are not so comfortable with it.

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